Heart of Pargon Payments/Rewards

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Heart of Pargon Payments/Rewards

Postby Will » Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:44 am

To clarify:

Standard Heart of Pargon Exeter adventures cost £10 to play.

refs play for £5, first time players play for £5.

Longer events cost more. Around the £30 mark for a weekend event, £300 for a Saga.

Monsters are rewarded with 1 boon for approx every 6 hours of monstering (minimum one).

Boons are also awarded for other contributions to the club (writing/costume/running etc)

Writing an adventure earns 2 boons.

Running an adventure earns 1 boon and £10 to cover expenses.

Writing/reffing a Saga earns a free Saga player space.

Player reffing earns 2 boons (this includes sorting out briefing and debriefing).
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