Exciting Reminders

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Exciting Reminders

Postby Will » Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:40 pm


Buried this weekend, Sunday, pretty excited! Make sure you're there if you've said you will be! Good place to get a few extra skill before Huddled Masses! A few points to remember:

- The start time is 11am, as in, ready to go, in costume and entering time in at 11am, not getting there! I will be there from 9am sorting out people's characters and going through rules and the like. Don't forget the cafe is open upstairs to gather for breakfast beforehand.

- I am in the process of organising some sort of downtime system for this campaign. Something along the lines of x turns per adventure played and a list of things to do with those turns. Nothing major, just a little bit of extra fun to make up for the extra price for these events!

- If people wouldn't mind just confirming they're still coming to ease my worried mind, and perhaps a note of playing of monstering, that would be grand thanks!

Also, forget ye not The Huddled Masses the weekend after!

- It is winter! It could be wet! Bring changes of costume and warm things to wear!

- We are at a new site, which is exciting! We are allowed there from 12 noon onwards. Time in will likely be early evening on account of later arrivals (I shall aim for 7pm)

- If you haven't made arrangements for food, do so! Either talk to Dominic Zeal or Peter Levy or you will have complete access to the kitchen for storage and use, so bring some of your own stuff for cooking.

- Make sure you are clear on all details and you have your character sorted before arrival! Feel free to message if you need anything!
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