Night of the Nearly Living Dead 2014

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Night of the Nearly Living Dead 2014

Postby Peter Levy » Wed Oct 22, 2014 2:45 pm

hello everybody.

i'm running NotNLD this year. unusual, i know... I think the facebooks settled on the 30th of december, but not sure if Will's booked the caves yet.

the event will be taking place in the year 166, 2 years after this year's saga, a couple of months after the last event. NotNLD has still occurred in the years 164 and 165, but nobody made it out. Most of those who tried were destroyed by daemons and magic and junk. this year looks likely to be just as hard, but there's rumour of a new way out.

i'd like to know the following from everyone planning to play:
-character race, class, etc
-skill spend, items, etc
-what your character's short, mid and long-term goals are if they escape the Hopewastes
-what your character's worst fears are
-a time when your character has surprised themself at their own ability
-who does your character consider to be their best friend
-if presented with the choice of: a) a world where Quayle was mortal again, but there was no sun, or
b) a world where Quayle was god of drinking, but liked to blow people up,
which would your character choose?
-what's your character's earliest memory?
-what are the names of your character's parents?
-if your character could be any other race/class combo, what would they want to be?

honestly, skill spend etc is the least important of these to me. also, most of the other questions are irrelevant, but i thought they'd be a way to get a little bit more inside your characters' heads...
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