Membership to Pargon !!!!

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Membership to Pargon !!!!

Postby Sonny » Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:48 pm

Ok the Fatman is now responsible for looking after club memberships, so making this quick shout out about it as its been forgotten of late or some newer members just are not aware.

Membership for the year is just £10, it helps us keep the prices of events down, allows Heart of Pargon to continue acquiring excellent weapons, props and kit along with funding updates for the website and subsidising the cost for other events and/or catering. Generally it helps the club to be more awesome which of course we all want.

Not only will it aid the club, but in return for your kind donation you gain these wonderful perks for being a paid Pargon Member:

The benefits of paid membership are:
• Uniques
If you are not a member then you cannot apply for Uniques (or if you do, they will not be passed).
• Guilds
Members can apply for guilds to be created
• Gods
Members can apply for Gods to be created
• Quests
Members can apply for quests specifically for their guild/church/character
• Monsters Early Booking Bonus
Members who book to monster a week in advance receive the ‘Early Booking Bonus’ (an additional 5 rava to a character of choice or a basic potion option – as per the Core Rules*.)

So yes some pretty cool perks in there for all paid members and remember, you're helping the club :D

Money can be sent to the club via the normal means or paid at events, just be sure when you do you inform the Ref you are giving the money to that it is for your Membership and get them to give me a poke so I can add you to the system.
You can also drop me a PM once the money has been paid and I'll make sure you are on the list.

Many thanks everyone and looking forward to seeing you on events :D
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Re: Membership to Pargon !!!!

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:23 pm

Can this be paid for in boons? If so, how many?

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