Overlooking the Haran's Hunting Lodge

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Overlooking the Haran's Hunting Lodge

Postby Plot Bot » Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:49 pm

Atop the mountain overlooking the Haran's Hunting Lodge, scene of the hero's victory over Triundune, there is a flicker of movement.

A small stone rolls from the top of a small cairn and bounces down the steep slope. A larger stone within the pile moves slightly, dislodging other stones which follow the smaller one down the mountain. Other rocks move slightly then suddenly with a rush of movement they all tumble away and a silver-faced figure pulls itself to its feet. Its skin is taught, eyes sunken and its once white clothes are now ripped and stained with dirt and blood.

Standing, it turns very precisely before walking towards the setting sun. As it moves, it does not have the lightness of step often attributed to the Elves but instead seems to be dragging itself like a broken puppet on a mision.

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