A remote outpost of the silent blades

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A remote outpost of the silent blades

Postby Eddie the 'Ead » Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:18 pm

Yari rubbed his eyes feeling the tiredness he seemed to feel all to frequently now.
"So the eye witnesses report seeing something flying too small for a dragon but too big for a bird?"
"indeed master that is what we have heard" replied the masked figure kneeling on the tatami matting.
"Dispatch 2 teams to the general area one to infiltrate the civilian population biased towards information gathering and another combat team to range in the general area looking for any hostiles second team to NOT I repeat NOT be seen by anyone other than members of this order unless acting in defense of themselves or civilian population"
The masked figure bowed in acknowledgment
"Get the teams organised then attend to your own personal admin i think the cook house should have some fish balls and rice."
"And what about informing the Haran master?"
"I'll mention it in the next set of dispatches She'll probably want to know more so by the time the request for more information comes back I should have the initial contact reports from the teams"
Coming to his feet in a fluid movement the younger silent blade bowed once more and left the small hut.
Alone now Yari stretched out and wondered if he'd done the right thing taking on the leadership. He would so much prefer to be taking the fight to the demons as he had when his group supported the forigen heroes. absent mindedly he flexed the hand that had regrown thanks to the attentions of the westerners. He wondered what had happened to them all the strange metal man and his master who fell but whos grave now lay empty, the blue skinned beings the tall thin fur clad one the odd looking black and grey skinned ones who showed so much promise in the stealth arts, the green haired one who claimed kinship to dragons, the quiet potion brewer, the two who practiced strange arts, the big fighter and the one who they brought back from the dead.
His mood boyed by thoughts of happier times Yari rose and left the hut to join the novices in the evening empty hand drills and hopefully pass on some of his teachings.
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