Looking down at the world

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Looking down at the world

Postby Phil.Priest » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:44 am

With a flash of silver Hope's Emissary appears, standing upon the mountain where Triundune, and indeed himself, had met the end of their existence. Still feeling the strain of Despair's entrance in to the world, he had come here for peace and quiet, knowing that almost no one would think to look in such a place...

Barely more than 12 moons had passed and he had died many times since, most standing on this world only ever got the one chance. More deaths than Aquilla, and yet Kan Slarr had denied his return because of how many times he had died... he had also done more good for this world than most.

The cairn which the Child of Hope's previous form had been entombed in had been closed, presumably by the Serkanian's who give thanks to the heroes who removed the pure evil that was Triundune. A fitting place for The Sunderer's corpse to rest until he was back within the world of the living.
Atop the place where his corpse once lay, the corpse that was of the Life Elven peoples, the Tiste Archon's corpse was laid. The body was prepared and with tears falling freely down his face the Tiste Liosan placed a kiss upon the forehead of the fallen Stormbringer, a whisper in to the ear 'Sleep now, find peace in the embrace of our Mistress. Thy life awaits, after the storm awake. We are coming for you.'

When the body was ready, the newly forged Stormblade at the side of The Anointed One, he moved to the centre of the mountain top and began to prepare his mind and body. Slowly he closed his eyes, letting the image of the body leave him, as he had taught Quayle, Warryn and Aquilla within one of the futures in front of the Shattered Weir, he centred himself and slowed his breathing. Still standing his body moved with the grace of life... time passed, the moons rose and were soon chased away by the bright dawn, it touched his fallen companion and in the light he looked to be no more than sleeping.

His mistress would guide him in helping Aquilla return he knew, the Stormlord was more dedicated to her than her Emissary... Quayle had already promised his aid, would his Lord help in freeing him from the 'Wastes once more...

The Path was changing too... a gathering of the chosen within Pathway, his attendance was requested... no, it was required.

A hand on the chest of the Stormbringer, knowing the he cannot burn the corpse, nor commit it to the ground... it belongs in the open, free to the Storm.

Moving to look to the south of this harsh and beautiful land, Hope's Destriant began to invoke, his arms slowly raising as they come together in a clap, a flash of silver and upon that distant fateful mountain top is a corpse of blue, his robes and hair blowing in the wind.
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