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OOC: The Celestial Order

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Thu Oct 08, 2009 9:57 pm

Hi All,

This is information on the belief structure that the more traditional area of Serke Kemi has, in order of priority. Should someone wish to follow one of these dieties please contact me for what, if any, benefits they may have.

The Celestial Order

Lung Wang – The Celestial Emperor

The creator of Serke Kemi and ruler of the Celestial Heavens. A Dragon of great stature who watches over the world and it’s inhabitants. Brother of Jigoku, the Fallen Dragon. A kind, caring and peaceful Dragon but one whose wrath is beyond comprehension.

Pan Lung – Dragon of the wheel of life, controller of Life and Death

As the master of the Wheel of Life, this Dragon controls what happens to mortals when they pass from this world. Some may pass to Jigoku, some may live in bliss forever in the Celestial Heavens or are reborn into a new body on the mortal world. It is said that all who pass from the mortal plane will meet Pan Lung.

Jigoku – The Fallen Brother of Lung Wang

The traitor of the Celestial Order. Jigoku became consumed with greed and power and tried to overthrow the Emperor but was banished from the Heavens. His descent to the mortal world was so fast and volatile that it break through the very core of the planet into a new place, a place of darkness and death. This place become Jigoku, named after the traitorous creature that inhabited it. This place was sealed from the mortal world and ever since Jigoku has forever tried to break free.

Ying and Yang – The Dragons of Balance

The Dragons of Balance are 2 halves of the same coin. They represent the good and evil that exists in all of us. One cannot exist without the other. When the greatest of choice must be made by those on the mortal plane, Ying and Yang will be there to influence and sway the decision.

T’ien Lung – Guards the heavenly dwellings of the Gods

Unlike the other Heavenly Creatures, T’ien Lung never leaves the Heavens. She stands beside Lung Wang at all times, never sleeping, always vigilant. Predominately followed by those who strive to be Yojimbo (bodyguards). Tales have it that those destined to be Yojimbo have visions of T’ien Lung in their dreams.

Teng Lung – The Dragon of Bushido

This Dragon bestowed honour and bushido upon the world. Followed predominately by those who have the warrior spirit, those who believe in honour and live their lives by the code of Bushido. It is said that in his worshippers time of need Teng Lung will strengthen their body with his own divine influence.

Ti Lung – Dragon of Earth

The Elemental Dragon of Earth and controller of the water ways. A Dragon as strong as a mountain, cold and unfeeling like rock. Has only ever been seen once in Serke Kemi, the day the mountains where formed.

Fung Lung – The Blazing Dragon

The Elemental Dragon of Fire, controller of Fire, Volcanoes and the Sun. Sometimes refered to as Amaterasu. A dragon as volatile as fire, impossible to control with a combustible temper. Often seen before natural disasters occur.

Shen Lung – The Spiritual Dragon

The Elemental Dragon of Air and controller of Air and Rain. A Dragon of calm temperament and positive outlook, rarely seen but when it is seen, good tidings follow.

Chi Lung – The Dragon of Nothingness

The Dragon of Nothing and master of the Void. A mysterious, illusionary and deceptive creature. This Dragon has never been seen, save by Lung Wang himself, but all know it exists. Where there is nothing, there is everything and that is the void, the domain of Chi Lung. It is said that when blood is spilt in the night by those of dark heart Chi Lung is watching.

Fu Tsang Lung – Dragon of Hidden Treasure

This Dragon loves treasure and hordes treasure in all its forms. It is believed that should someone ever find his domain they will be the richest person to have ever lived, should they be able to take the contents. Fu Tsang loves chance and loves to gamble his treasure. Be warned, as a being of godly power the odds are usually in his favour.

Bashe Lung – Dragon of Light

The Dragon who stand alone against the darkness, the one who brings purity to the world. His followers are always pure of heart. When the forces of darkness come to Serke Kemi, Bashe Lung is never far away.

Qui Lung – Dragon of Nature

The Dragon who nurtures the world. Where Ti, Fung and Shen do as they see fit with the world and the elements they control, Qui Lung sets things right and heals the world back to how it should be. Often followed by farmers whose offerings are believed to bring prosperous crops.

Huang Lung – Dragon of Knowledge

He who bestows insight upon his followers. Huang Lung is the creature that allows those of the Blood to speak with their ancestors and give them glimpses into the future. Those who abuse his gifts are not tolerated for long.

Tsung Lung – Dragon of Blood

All mortals contain blood in some way, shape of form. Tsung Lung represents the life essence of mortals.
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Re: OOC: The Celestial Order

Postby Blue mage » Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:00 pm

(Can i get faith in Jigoku please for genji, simply because its funny?)
As it turns out, our battle plan is NOT "Synchronized Panicking"

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Re: OOC: The Celestial Order

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:07 pm

You can get in on/after the first adventure if the ref thinks your roleplay is appropriate

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Re: OOC: The Celestial Order

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:59 pm

Just a bit of a clarification, for any of those who this may affect (you know who you are)

The following/preaching of the Celestial Being Gijoku is, effectively, Outlawed in this area of Serke Kemi and anyone found doing so is likely to be beheaded.

Obviously, talking about the Plane where demons come from is something discussed, this is specifically about the Being not the plane.

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