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OOC: The Families

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OOC: General information that those from this area will have on each of the clans and how this rea of Serke Kemi is ruled.


Many of the heroes of Velmaneth have travelled throughout the years to Serke Kemi and have begun to learn of their culture and background and know that this land is ruled by one leader, the Harran. This is not strictly correct. While the Southern area of Serke Kemi, below the mountain region, accepts the leadership of the Harran those from the north of the mountains, those who are cut off from the Harran and her rule, have formed and developed their own leadership and belief structure, a structure not yet seen by those who hail from outside this area.

Although the Harran names herself ruler of Serke Kemi he is well aware that his leadership only extends so far and the true ruler of most of the lands is Emperor Wang the First. Wang is a gentle and fair leader and his lands are split into sects, each with a difference purpose and a different Daimyo appointed to lead. At times of need these factions all form together in protection of their Empire.

While there are a number of small outposts throughout this Empire and groups of Ronin that have banded together and live outside of these families, the majority of people are aligned to or born into one of the below.

Shigen Family

The Shigen Family is a small clan situated in the Western region of Serke Kemi below the Sting. Under the charge of Emperor Wang the First, they have been directed as the main farmers of the lands. Predominately paddy field farmers, they are a peaceful folk who also develop and use the main pathways of Serke Kemi to transport food wherever it may be needed.

Their main “city” is the city of Gokoku and is run by the Daimyo, Lord Futoi. Futoi is a generous and fair man and is known for both his leniency and understanding. Over the last few months, Futoi has become less and less active and has become renowned for his ability to consume vast quantities of ramen.

Another of their notable towns is the small coastal town of Heiwa. This coastal town has many active farmers within it and provides a large amount of food to the Kousen Family to aid in their efforts in protecting against the demonic forces. This town is run by Lord Okubyoomono but the real enforcer and protector if the town is the Saburau, Dokyoo.

Kousen Family

The Kousen Family is the militant arm of Emperor Wang’s rule. Housed primarily of Saburau, Musha and Senshi, this family fights the demons in the mountains. Based in the southern part of the region, just above the mountainous area, their fight is tireless and never ending.

They are lead by the Daimyo, Lord Gaibun, as strong and hugely honourable man who leads the defence efforts from the front. He doesn’t tolerate fools or dishonour lightly and has been known to anger quickly. With his anger, heads usually roll.

The main “city” of this family is the city of Chikara and from here the mount their war efforts.

In recent months there have been many rumours surrounding this family. A strange, green stone has been found that has potent properties. Stone has been collected in large quantities as well as more and more workers and builders heading to Chikara.

There has been much unrest recently with the murder of Lord Gaibun’s wife and sons at the hands of his own Yojimbo. The Yojimbo was never seen again, presumably executed or forced into seppuku.

Supai Family

The Supai Family have been appointed by Emperor Wang as the diplomats and counter intelligence of the Empire. This family has a small military wing but mainly consists of Teishin, Courtiers and the finest Geisha in the Empire. Specialists in diplomatic affairs and infiltration, these people perform an invaluable service to the Emperor but some of the techniques of espionage and deception are often deemed “dishonourable” by Lord Gaibun and the Kousen Family.

This matters not to the Supai Daimyo, Lord Hitogoroshi, for he understands that for the Empire to survive and thrive someone must perform the actions that others cannot.

This Family lives home is Giman, situated inside the forest outside of Ika. The cover of the trees has proven to give them distinctive tactical advantages.
Rumours are abundant about the Supai family because of their secretive nature yet none can confirm nor deny the truth behind these.

Yasuraka Family

The Yasuraka Family as a quiet and peaceful family, a family who seeks inner enlightenment and to become one with their chi. They spend much time in reflection and meditation but also in martial study, whether this be training in various martial styles or finding the perfect harmony between soul and sword.
Little is known of this family or its Daimyo, Lord Keihatsu, but it is said that of those who find their inner balance are a wonder to behold in battle.

The family resides in a village on the Eastern coast named Koi and consists of Musha and Sou in training.

The family keep themselves to themselves but one mystery has always surrounded this family. No one, not even the Emperor himself, has ever seen Keihatsu’s face.

The Wang Family

The Imperial City of Manaka is the central point of the Empire and its crowning glory, even at this early stage in the lands development. While the majority of the city is still being built, the Pagoda belonging to Emperor Wang the First is a magnificent sight to behold. Months of work from hundreds, maybe thousands, of people have built this structure. Its contents have been seen by few for only the honoured ever enter and meet the Emperor but it is believed great pieces of art and the most finally crafted weapons are held within here.

From this central point, the Emperor oversees the Empire and dispatches his Courtiers to liaise with the Daimyo’s about his needs. This family consists of Courtiers, Yojimbo and Saburau as well as crafters of armour and weapons.

Rumour has it that Ketsueki Onmitsu, the head sword crafter, vanished shortly after the turn of the year and Emperor Wang has dispatched the Supai Family to find him for he is one of the most valued men to the Emperor.

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