Approaching the town of Gokoku

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Approaching the town of Gokoku

Postby BlueTressym » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:31 pm

A few days after leaving their wilderness camp, Mirya and her companions approach the town of Gokoku. Mirya tries hard to control her emotions at the sight of the place she once called home. She has a duty to perform, a painful one, but one that she wishes to carry out as soon as possible

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Re: Approaching the town of Gokoku

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:43 pm

On their way to the town the trio see many eta working the fields, more vigourously than normal. They seem very cold in the run up to the winter months but know as much food needs to be stockpiled as possible.

Upon entering the village, it appears busier than Mirya is used to for this time of the year. Merchants are busy trading, more eta are packing up wagons readying food to be shipped out. Even the local Senshi are "doing their bit".

The Saburau wander the streets, overseeing all the preperations.

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Re: Approaching the town of Gokoku

Postby Blue mage » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:49 pm

Genji looks about, warily. The palce seemed new to him in many ways, but he was not too highly on edge. The blessing from the holy man before had calmed him greatly, and his mind was stronger, as steel, focused upon his master. He followed her, in his simple clothign with the Ying blade at his back, as ever.
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Re: Approaching the town of Gokoku

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:56 pm

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Re: Approaching the town of Gokoku

Postby Ceinwen » Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:09 pm

Mirya heads towards the First Family's residence. While she wanted to see Kaede and Aimi, she felt that that wish would have to wait until after her unpleasant duty was discharged.

As she walks down the street she sees more people scurrying around getting ready, even towards the noble house of Kanji's parents.

Mirya frowns, wondering what has caused such an unusual level of activity, She takes a deep breath as she approaches the first Family of the Shigen Clans residence.

A Saburau stands outside the door, guarding entry. Noticing Mirya's arrival he bows to a 45 degree angle
"Konichiwa Mirya-san"

Mirya bows lower than the Saburau
Konichiwa Asahina-sama

He gestures for Mirya to rise
"I take it you are here to see Lord Futoi Shigen-sama?"

She rises
Yes, Asahina-sama, I am, if that is possible

The saburau nods
"Of course. You are always welcome here"
He slides the door open for Mirya. The house looks in very good condition, clearly well maintained by the eta and geisha. About 50 paces forward she can see a room with a somewhat portly silhouette in it, feasting on something. The Silhouette has 2 similar but considerably more "proportioned" figures standing either side of it.

Mirya bows humbly

Thank you, Asahina-sama

Mirya takes a deep breath, trying to control her fear before she steps inside and moves down the corridor.

One of the figures bends down towards the larger silhouette, it would appear it was whispering in the others ear the larger silhouette looks up and gestures for the women to come forward.

She does trying to remain poised while inwardly quaking.

As she proceeds down the hall, getting closer to the room the figures become clearer. The one sitting is Lord Futoi, feasting on a rather generous helping of Ramen. His robes look regal and very expensive but appear stained with various different types of food. He has a finely made and maintained katana tucked into his belt which bares the marking KO on the pommel. The 2 figures either side of him are clearly yojimbo. 1 in heavy Sabarau armour, baring a katana and wakizashi in his obi while the other wears more of a light, skirmishing armour and carries just a katana.

Mirya bows deeply to the Lord Futoi

"You may rise Mirya-san. It has been a while since you have blessed me with your company. I trust Kanji-san and yourself are well?"

Mirya rises
Lord Futoi Shigen-sama, I stand here with the deepest sorrow

A look of confusion crosses the lords face

Unable for a moment to speak, she holds out in both hands Kanji's sword.

"What...what is this you show me?"

Forgive me, Lord futoi Shigen-sama, for my inadequate ability to express myself, but I do bring news of great tragedy, such that I lack the words to express it as befits your noble son Kanji Shigen-sama

A look of witheld pain crosses the lord's face, clearly holding back his emotions.
"Calm yourself. Do my son the honour of acting appropriately. What happened dear girl"

Forgive me and she bows again
Takes a breath Heiwa was attacked by demons and I was unable to leave as they surrounded the town, attacking every night

"Yes, news made its way here of the events in that village"

Eventually others arrived and the demons were driven back, but it was to late to save the town; it was burned to the ground. The Saburau Dokyoo committed seppuku, but before he did so, he charged all who still lived after the battle's end with the task of discovering the location of the demons and destroying them.
I was among those sent on this task, but when we found the lair of the foul beings, a true horror faced us. Your noble son, Kanji Shigen-sama was possessed by one of those creatures of pure evil, and it forced him to attack us all. I tried to intervene, but I am but a woman and could not. He fought with the dazzling swordsmanship i knew to be his, but the demon within tried to kill us all.

"No, it cannot be. My son could not have been so weak to be consumed by such scum."

Lord Futoi shigen-sama, it was no weakness of Kanji Shigen-sama, but a measure of the evil and power of the creatures, for they were many, and organised, and more powerful then any I have seen
I thought him stopped, but living

Then the silent blade that had travelled in the shadows since his appearance in Heiwa appeared,driving his blades into the back of Kanji Shigen-sama and he fell
Mirya takes a deep breath, desperately holding on to her composure

There is a moments silence before Lord Futoi Shigen-sama speaks.
"In the eyes of the emperor, this man did nothing wrong. A man possessed by a demon is no better the a demon."
The lords eyes glaze over slightly as he further tries to repress his emotions.
"The death of my son truly is a tragedy but there is nothing i can openly do."
He pauses looking up at Mirya.
"What is the name of this silent blade?"

I am sorry, Lord Futoi Shigen-sama but I do not know, for he never spoke it. All I know is that like all in the party, he received an invite from the Emperor to meet with him. I too am summoned.

Lord Futoi continues eating his raman.

Lord Futoi Shigen-sama, I do not believe he was possessed at the end.

In between mouthfuls of raman, the Lord continues to speak.
"You should meet with the Emperer and obtain this mans name and that of his family."
"I will have one of my people speak with my ancestors on the matter."

Yes Lord Futoi Shigen-sama

The Lord picks up a leg of chicken biting into the flesh in a Barbaric fashion.

Is it your wish that I remove my unworthy self from your presence, Lord Futoi Shigen-sama

The lord nods forcing down a half chewed mouthful of chicken.
"Do not be so hard on yourself, i'm sure you did all a Wujen could do. Return to me when you have this name."
He takes a massive swig of saki.
"Oh and when you meet the Emperor, bow with your face on the floor and try not to lose your head! I hear he doesn't like the cold"

Yes Lord Futoi Shigen-sama, I thank you for your kind words and I will return to you as soon as i have the name you require

Slightly puzzled by this last remark, Mirya bows deeply to the Lord and backs away, still bowed.

As she does so, Lord Futoi signals to a servant to take the sword from Mirya. A servant shuffles over, bent down to a 90 degree angle and softly takes the sword from her.

Futoi watches as the servant does so, shoveling down some sushi in the process.

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