Background: Struggling Bastion

For IC roleplay within the fortress city of Varya. CHOP characters only.

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Background: Struggling Bastion

Postby Will » Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:47 am

**The messenger runs in to General Xanus' office, breathless**

"It's been confirmed, the leader of this particular army is a strikeable distance from the walls..."

"The Scouting party?" General Xanus frowns.

**The messenger just swallows and shakes his head, beads of sweat dripping off his nose. Xanus rises from his table and crosses to the window. Looking out he views a scene of devestation. Outside the wall the smoke from burning projectiles used in an attempt to break down the walls of Varya is thick. Inside the walls... the smoke from the funeral pyres is even thicker.**

"Very well... gather the Heroes..."

"There's one last thing Sir...." the messenger seems to visibly quake as he recalls this last piece of information. "Another creature has been sighted. A towering creature Sir, red skinned, covered in spiked horns... some form of... they're not sure sir... but it slew Leiutenant James in an instant Sir and you know how good...."

**Xanus raises his hand and silences the messenger.**

"That will be all Private. You have your orders. I want the posters gathered before the sun is set."

**The messenger salutes then leaves. Xanus sits back down, deep in thought.**
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