Getting out of here....

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Getting out of here....

Postby Edd » Sun May 31, 2009 11:28 am

**The birdman opened his eyes.**

"Ach....well, that'll teach me for pissing off a shadow elf....memo to self, don't side with the knight...."

**He sits up, slowly. The bandages around his waist restrict his movement slightly, and the few feathers that cover his body seem out of place with the rest of his human-like body. Ofcourse, Avians aren't the most common in Varya, so the surgeons didn't have the best idea on how to heal him. Seems to have worked though...**

"Rightio...let's find me that Tesmur....she owes me a drink..."

**He manages to drag himself out of the pallet bed, and stumble into his shirt and tabbards. Picking up his staff (or giant axe, depending on how you look at it) he walks out into the open air of Varya. Seeing that the walls are still teaming with undead, and that there are lots of shadows around he looks around, panic-stricken.**

"You know what? I think I might skip the drink, and just get out of Pathway place?"

**With that, he starts to rise into the air, slightly shakily, but as he gets higher his confidence increases and he looks around, up in the air, and heads in what he thinks is a south westerly direction.**

**Isaac Surefeather**
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