Outside the Academy gates.

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Outside the Academy gates.

Postby Stevie » Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:49 pm

**It's early morning when the figure starts to walk up the path towards the academy, the progress is slow, each step seeming to take longer than the last. There's a sway to the left.. and a slight fall.. but the figure picks himself up again. As the figure nears closer his clothes can be made out, masculine in nature. There's a tattered cloak that covers most of him, one of his arms tucked deep inside, whilst the other languishes at his side. The hood covers the face of the figure completely, but it's easy to tell the head is slumped down low.

A harsh breeze rattles both the trees in the area and the man, almost knocking the ground from him. The 2 guards outside the academy gates look at each other, wondering whether to help this person, or whether the man was likely to be too proud and scorn their pity upon him. He makes his way closer, almost at the foot of the steps before the academy, a guard steps forward to meet him.**

Good morning sir, may I ask your name and reason for your visit today?

**The figure sways more violently before as the words hit him, his head looks up and takes in the sight of the academy, seeming to relish in seeing it. He makes to move forward but his feet betray him, and the guard is not fast enough to catch him either. His head hits the ground hard, and his hood comes off during the fall.. blood seeps gently from his head and he looks up at the sky briefly, before opening his mouth.

"I tried.. but I couldn't stop him.."

**The guards stare at the figure for a brief moment before snapping into action, there is a loud blow on a signalling horn from one of the men and footsteps echo through the academy of more guards coming to meet them. The man is picked up off the ground carefully.. and the hand tucked inside his cloak falls out, it is wholly black, far more deep and black than anything has ever seemed before. More guards reach the entrance as the man is being taken inside.

"I want the entire infirmary closed off, tell the matron to call in every single nurse she has, the headmaster is home."

**Two forward scouts rush on to relay information, whilst the rest either carry or move spectators out of the way. Their progress to the infirmary is fast.**

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