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Askalaratas Lirikamonical- scroll maker

Postby Ballisticginger » Mon Apr 20, 2009 5:27 pm


im proud to announce the restocking of Lirikamonical scrolls, as you may know the shop closed for a number of years after my fathers death but i am now in a fit state to reopen the store, i of course requirre magic users willing to demonstrate their magics to do so so i may learn such spells that would be wanted umong our valued customers, there would of course be reimbursement of all efforts.

Lirikamonical scrolls-
no. 25 on the road north of freedoms lance,


in the vein of all my characters Aska doesnt learn things like normal, the numbers re yet to be discussed, but either way i am a sorcerer and need to know spells to be able to make scrolls, i will reimburse in credit at my shop =]
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