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New and Improved - Ancalimon's Alchemical Supplies!

Postby Huw » Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:58 pm

After an unfortunate and unplanned hiatus, we are pleased to annonced that Inigo Trading is back in business!

We now offer:

- Healing Potions:
Lesser: (Heal 5) 4r
Greater: (Heal 10) 7r

- Sense Power Potion : Will allow the user to perceive even the most minute and distant traces of magic for five minutes, and discern details about the nature of said magic. Warning: Will dull any acute senses for the duration. Overly excessive use can result in permanent loss of sensory ability, especially for those with abnormally potent senses. Cannot be ended early.

- Potion of Shattering: Will automatically shatter any blade it contacts, unless said blade is crafted by a master. The first three blades (or small shields) it contacts will be affected. 6r.

- Heating Oil: Will non-magically heat up a weapon so that it is red hot, for 5 minutes. If applied correctly, will also make weapon more effective. 5r
Warning: After potion wears off, it will shatter the blade, regardless of the quality.

- Enchant Shield/Reflection: Will turn a small metal shield or similar small-medium metal object into reflective glass for five minutes. This glass will reflect any magic cast at it back at the caster for the duration of the spell.
Warning: glass produced is very fragile, and will shatter under the slightest physical pressure. After the potion wears off, object will shatter and need to be repaired. 7r

- Deep Meditation: Puts user into deep sleep that regenerates essence. Works for either 15 minutes or half an hour. Both are more effective if used with proper instruction.
(OOC: Enter meditation for free, and regain essence every 5 minutes instead of 10.)
6r for 15 minute doses, 8r for 30 minutes.
Warning: Sleep induced is very deep indeed. Only use in a safe place!

- Jump: Will allow user to jump (like some types of beastkin) for five minutes, or make jumping, for anyone who already can, effortless. (OOC: Gain jump ability/jumping becomes free). 5r

- Cure Disease: Will cure most common diseases. 5r

- Resist Disease: Will make the user immune to most diseases for an hour. 8r

- Discern Undead: Will pierce even the most potent magical disguise and tell if any around the user are hidden undead for 5 minutes. Will also, however, make the user resemble an undead for 5 minutes.

- Numbing Tea: A specially treated plant that will, when brewed with hot water, numb the body so that the user does not feel pain. Excessive use may slow movement and reaction speeds. 5r for 4 packets (1 packet per brewing).

- Child of Death Potion: This potion will temprarily make the user like an undead, causing them to be healed by Death Magic and harmed by Life Magic. Also causes them the resemble undead and causes minor damage to their soul. 6r

- Potion of Magical Defense: Will grant the user resistances to almost all types of magic for five minutes, though reduces their resistances to being dominated or commanded. 5r for weaker version, 7r for enhanced.

- Incense of Still Mind: Inhaling the smoke produced by this plant will automatically put a person in a meditative state, though prolonged use may cause unease and/or dependence. 10r for 12 sticks or a pouch of powder.

- Undead Bane: A blade venom that will cause a weapon to glow with enchanted light, cutting through protective enchantments on their bodies and searing them with Firin's light. If applied correctly, will call down the blessing of Firin to enhance damage against undead. Lasts 5 minutes. 6r
(OOC: Changes damage call to Flaming Blessed <damage grade> when striking undead.)

- Repel Undead Potion: Will cause the user's gaze to magically repel any undead face them, for 5 minutes.
(OOC: Your gaze does Turn the Unclean on anyone you are interacting with, only effects undead.)
Basic: Rank 3, 5r
Concentrated: Rank 5, 8r
Warning: Cannot be ended early.

- Resist Undead Potion: Firin's holy light protects the user from all attacks by undead for five minutes.(OOC: stacking DR1 vs undead) 7r
Warning: psychological effects may make users more zealous in fighting undead.

- Blessed Sight Potion: Will grant the user the ability to see through magical illusions. Lasts 5 mins.
Standard: See through magical mists and invisibility abilities. 5r
Concentrated: see through all illusions, as per the True Sight spell. 7r
Will also stop the user from lying.

- Edged Blade: Is absorbed into a blade, will sharpen it so as to pierce armour for five minutes, at a cost of the weapon's effectiveness.
Warning: After a time, will rust any blade, regardless of quality or enchantments. 6r

- Detect Lie Potion:
Will tell the user if any person whom they are concentrating on is lying, for 5 minutes. Also stops the user from lying. 5r

- Imbue Element: Will enchant a weapon with either Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Shadow, Light or Pure Magic for 5 minutes. Please specify which element required when purchasing. 5r.

- Elemental Immunity: Makes the user immune to a specified element, either Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Light or Shadow. 10r, Please specify element on purchasing.
Warning: This potion also makes it impossible for the user to cast magic of the element from which they are protected. It is not possible to be immune to two elements at once through drinking more than one of these potions at once. It is distinctly not recomended for Elves or other elemental creatures to use this potion to make themselves immune to their own element!

- Magical Immunity: Will render the user immune to all forms of magic, for 5 minutes. 13r
Warning: Irritant and distracting to Elves and other magical creatures (particuarly High Elves), also in a lesser degree to magic users in general. Please note that this potion also makes the user immune to Life Magic and will degrade any spells present on the user, as well as stopping them from using any and all magic for the duration.

- Potion of Rock-Skin: Will cause the users skin to harden like rock, affording protection against everyting. Comes in two strengths:
Basic: (Rockskin 3, 1hr) 7r
Concentrated: (Stacking DR1 to everything, 5 mins) 14r
Warning: MUST be used sparingly. Faliure to do so will result in irresistable petrification. Never combine two doses in the same bottle. DO NOT take at the same time as a Potion of Strength.

- Incense of Steadiness: Grants an affinity to the Earth, allowing anyone within the smoke to resist efforts to knock them down or back.
(OOC: Can resist knockback/knockdown effects while in the smoke for 1 essence/instance.)
Irritant to Air Elves and other air-elemental creatures.

- Potion of Strength: Will increase the strength of the user, though not necessarily their ability with a weapon for 5 minutes. Not recommended for Air Elves. Comes in two types:
Basic: (OOC: Str+2) 6r
Concentrated: (OOC Str+3, damage - strength-based - +1) 8r
Warning: DO NOT take at the same time as a Potion of Rock-Skin.

Payment can be made in unique alchemical ingredients, please contact our Alchemical Partner for more information.
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