Ancalimon, crafting for Saga Lead-ups:

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Ancalimon, crafting for Saga Lead-ups:

Postby Huw » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:54 pm

2 x Enhanced healing potion at 80% chance of success. = 7r x 2 = 14r total

8 x specialised regeneration potion, at 70% chance. = 4r x (8 + 5 failures) = 52r total

1 x enchant shield/reflect potion: at 80% chance. = 7r x 2 (1 failure) +14r total

1 x resist undead potion at 60% chance. 7r total.

1x detect lie potion at 90% chance. 5r total.

2x lesser rockskin potions at 70% chance. 7r x 3 (1 failure) = 21r

Grand total: 113r, awaiting collection.
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