The Tribes of Serke Kemi

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The Tribes of Serke Kemi

Postby Ben » Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:31 pm

When the world was created, Serke Kemi was not, it was merely an empty patch of ocean. And it stayed that way, at least for a while. However, in the fifth year something happened within the jewel at the centre of everything. The Well of Eremine was dug, a well that travelled so deep under the ground that it entered the Heart of Eremine itself. Whilst those who dug felt nothing of the consequences, the Jewel lashed out, and a spike of pure magic pierced the crust of the world hundreds of miles away, dragging with it a huge land mass that rose above the surface of the ocean.

For a decade the Gods of Life and War fought in the skies above the new land wounding each other with sword and spell. So potent was the blood of Lenamo that each time a single drop hit the soil of Serke Kemi, a new life sprung forth. And so were created the Serkanians, the humans of the blood.

The war between the gods raged for another decade and many thousands of Serkanians sprung from the blood of Lenamo during this time. Life brought forth by War, the Serkanians are said to be destined to be great warriors and perhaps the greatest was one of the first to be created, a man named Kengan.

First blood of the battle was drawn by Larweyella in the skies to the east of the Sting and where Lenamo’s blood hit the ground it mixed with the Pureshard infused earth of Serke Kemi and from it rose the first Serkanians. Within moments the new arrivals were set upon by the demons of the island. Most of these first Serkanians fell but one of them took charge and led his people in battle and drove the demons back. His people named him Kengan meaning “man of vision”.

On this site the settlement known as Morsus was founded and here Kengan trained the other Serkanians in the way of the warrior. However, the war between the gods continued to rage and Kengan knew that though the Serkanians of Morsus were safe, there could be thousands of other Serkanians fighting the forces of darkness.

Kengan left the settlement and travelled the land to find others to fight alongside him. First he journeyed North to the coast where he had heard rumour of another settlement. Known as Ika, this encampment was much like Morsus and was well equipped to fight off the forces of demons that regularly assaulted it. He asked the greatest warrior of the settlement, a man named Shade, if he would join him and learn from him but Shade took this as an insult to his honour for the stranger was claiming to be more skilled than he so he and challenged him to a duel. The duel was quick and decisive and Shade soon lay beaten, Kengan spared his life and Shade accompanied him along the coast east.

After several days they found a small camp known as Itten (meaning “Place of Change”) and there they met a cunning warrior known as Dakron. Dakron did not come from Itten but instead was a traveller, following the path of the gods as they fought in the skies above the land. He told Kengan and Shade about what he had seen and his eyes shone as he spoke of the power of the deities. When offered the opportunity to learn from Kengan and increase his abilities he readily accepted, perhaps showing an early hunger for power.

They continued following the coast and eventually reached Nuru in the South. Nuru means “Null” and is named such as this is said to be where deposits of Pureshard are most prevalent. There they met a quiet man called Naoru who bore no blade but was respected (or perhaps feared) by other members of the settlement. He agreed to join Kengan and his protégés and they headed North where they eventually reached Kita (simply meaning “North”).

Kita was deep in the heart of demonic territory, the front line in the war against the demons and there they met a formidable warrior named Kaisen. Known for his ferocity in battle, it was said he would stride into the centre of a hundred demons and walk out again later bathed in blood and ichor.

The five journeyed North from Kita far into the most populated demonic areas of Serke Kemi and there Kengan trained them in the way of the warrior, honing their abilities and teaching them to be the greatest heroes of Serke Kemi. Other warriors from across the land heard the deeds of these great heroes and made the perilous journey north where they built the Tower of Kengan. Over the next few years Kengan taught his apprentices and they in turn shared their specialities with all those who made the pilgrimage and sent them back to spread their ways.

Finally, on the day that Lenamo defeated Larweyella, Kengan called his pupils to the great forge where he would speak to them for the last time. He told them that whereas every other Serkanian had the blood of Lenamo running through them, the blood that ran through him was mixed with that of Larweyella. Now the great battle between Life and War was over, so was his time on Velmaneth. However, though the battle was over, the war was just beginning and so he charged them with travelling the land of Serke Kemi once more to teach others their ways in order to banish the demons from their land forever.

As a final task he commanded they create their own weapons within the forge. As they stood over the crucible bubbling with molten metal, Kengan took his tanto and committed seppuku, mixing his blood (and indeed that of the deities of Life and War) with the metal.

Kaisen, who later formed the Order of the Furious Blades, forged a great Daikatana from the material. Shade, founder of the Shaded Blades, forged a Katana that would become known as the Ancestral Sword of the Shaded Blades. Dakron, the first Silent Blade, secretly used the metal to forge two weapons: a pair of lethal daggers. Naoru did not use the metal to form a single weapon, instead he used it to forge a number of amulets that would augment the wearer’s natural abilities and which he would later give to the foremost members of his order, the Absent Blades.
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