Here Be Dragons: Draconis Tielvar and Beyond

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Here Be Dragons: Draconis Tielvar and Beyond

Postby Ben » Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:12 am

The Great Dragons

Other than the gods themselves, the only life created by Eremine herself were the eight great dragons. These beings of pure magic were born in the heart of the jewel itself and spent their time darting incorporeally around the centre of the world, bathed in the light of their mistress. There was a great dragon for each of the eight spheres of magic and each dragon had an area in which they excelled above all the others.

The Red Dragon of Fire was the strongest, the Brown Dragon of Earth the hardiest, the Blue Dragon of Air was the swiftest and the Green Dragon of Water the most agile. The White Dragon of Light was the wisest, the Black Dragon of Shadow the most cunning, the Silver Dragon of Life the most honourable and the Bronze Dragon of Death the most malevolent.

In the fifth year, the sting of Velmaneth broke through the surface of the world with an explosion of power the like of which the world had never before seen and the dragons were freed. The eight great dragons flew high over Serke Kemi and as Larweyella and Lenamo fought, Onlurin, God of Magic summoned the dragons to him.

Draconis Tielvar

The dragons had taken shape, become a part of the physical world, become solid and now they could not be returned to the jewel but Onlurin could not simply leave beings who rivalled the gods in magical power unchecked. And so he used his power to fracture each of the great dragons into a hundred lesser dragons and bound them to the eastern half of Serke Kemi. Before ascending once more, Onlurin split this half away from the rest of the island, forming a new island: Draconis Tielvar where the dragons could live out their lives until their species, with no way to reproduce, would die out.

The Celestial Dragon

Except, that is, for the great dragons of Life and Death who accelerated high into the heavens, battling all the way. Within moments they had reached the void, beyond the influence of Onlurin, where they were believed destroyed. In fact the two dragons fought for decades, a great battle that would have outshone even that of Larweyella and Lenamo had anyone witnessed it. Eventually, the great Dragon of Life defeated the great Dragon of Death, taking much of the power from his fallen opponent (as is still the custom between dragonkin). The power of two great dragons pulsated through him and he became a god in his own right, The Celestial Dragon, Protector of the Innocents. The fallen Dragon of Death was bound within the void, servant of the Celestial Dragon. His bronze scales faded to grey for his power had been taken and over time he became less dragon and more demon, becoming known simply as Silver, Demon of the Heavens.

The Dragonkin

The Celestial Dragon looked down upon the world and saw that the demons of Serke Kemi had made it to Draconis Tielvar for they had been bound to its shores before the two lands were separated and the dragons were now slowly dying out for they were so outnumbered. So, using the power of life and death that he now wielded, he blessed them with life beyond death so that when a dragon fell, their spirit would combine with that of other fallen dragons to form new life: the Dragonkin. He instilled within these Dragonkin his own sense of honour, inspiring them to duel upon meeting as he had duelled Silver and filling them with a duty to fight the demons of Serke Kemi and beyond. In this way, Dragonkin are often a joining of two diverse elements, however, as there were no dragons of life or death for the great dragons were never fractured by Onlurin, there are likewise no Dragonkin of these elements.


Silver remained trapped within the void for a century watching Velmaneth, waiting for a chance for freedom. This came when the people of Pargon faced a threat they could not deal with, a fight they could not win: the werewolves of the Midari. They were unstoppable, undefeatable and so Silver seeded a simple phrase to certain people across Velmaneth, whispering into their ears “Silver can kill werewolves”. This was true, as a force of death (even a fallen one) Silver knew how to kill just about anything or anyone but those who received the vision were also given just a little mental push to believe that ‘Silver’ referred to a weapon or type of metal rather than a creature.

As the Celestial Dragon had defeated and bound him within the void, Silver knew that only the Celestial Dragon could free him. However, Silver was also cunning and realised that the Celestial Dragon did not have to do so personally, someone of faith acting in the Celestial Dragon's name could also do so. With his remaining power and influence, Silver began to manipulate the world to his will, steering people in the directions he chose until everything converged at one moment in history where Mikatsi, the Traveller of the time and High Priest of The Celestial Dragon, entered a ritual circle and called upon the power of the Celestial Dragon to summon Silver to him.

Silver appeared to them, bound within the circle for (as he was well aware) his freedom was not yet paid for and so the demon offered the ritualists what they had asked for, a way to kill Midari. Though they did not know it, had they refused the dagger he offered them, he would have been banished once more to the void, powerless and alone, but they accepted the weapon, a weapon forged from metal released from the jewels that make up the stars of the void and in that moment the pact was sealed. The first Star Tear entered Velmaneth and Silver, Demon of the Heavens, was free.
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