The Fair of the Lords and Ladies

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The Fair of the Lords and Ladies

Postby Huw » Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:34 pm

Not far from the Piddle Inn, several stalls are being set up. The people doing it appear human, with some elves, though there is something slightly - off - about them. A hunger about their expressions. They seem a bit easily distracted, but they eventually set up a stall, which they then leave for two days.

After that, several of them return, followed closely by some creatures that look like demons. Look like, but don't act right - some move jerkily, as if they couldn't co-ordinate their movements, while some move with blank expressions and wooden movements, doing exactly what they are directed, to the letter. They mostly wear long robes or cloaks.

Finally, under the direction of a human in a purple hood and tabard, they start to put out products, and set up the demons like one would guards. A sign goes up:

The Fair of The Lords and Ladies
All new traders welcomed!

And so a market begins to appear. The stalls sell all sorts of novelties, useful to peasents and Heroes alike. One tent advertises aphrodisiacs of several types, seeing a steady - if discreet - and growing clientele that keeps returning. Opposite that, a stall with a green throw on it sells weapons "to be proud of". Exotic foods sit next to besides a tailor selling sumtuous gowns. Some outsiders set up stalls themselves, although they seem to lack the vibrancy of their counterparts.

Throughout the market periodically patrol the "demon" guards. They are very sure to check on the newcomers that turn up to the market; though strangely, they are less than zealous about catching people who steal from the stalls. Though, on reflection - and to most passing Heroes - demonic market guards should be something worth commenting on, somehow it never seems to matter to most people in the market, like the werewolves that apprently passed through once or twice.
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