fire and flames at the piddling gate

For those roleplaying in the realm of the Fey and its entrance into Velmaneth: Little Piddling

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fire and flames at the piddling gate

Postby Damiensluman » Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:08 pm

Its early morning in piddling the newly rising sun is just started warming the frost covered ground. as the people slowly rise.
The regular silence of an early sunrise is spoiled by a dethning crack and a roar of flames and blinding lights outbreaking from piddalings main gate. The aftermath of witch leaves the main gate and several thatched buildings close to the gate considerably wors for wear. Walking into the sunrise is a man wearing proud green and black robes.
As he walks he slowly starts to fade.

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Re: fire and flames at the piddling gate

Postby Huw » Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:59 pm

After about a minute, a group of strangely silent guards come to put out what fires remain by patting them out with their hands. They are watched by a human in a deep red tabard, who sits calmly with a drink in his hand, watching the guards work. He smiles at the area where the man in green and black was. A blank-looking elven woman - either shadow elf or wood elf, it's hard to tell - walks up besides him.

"This should be fun." He says.
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