A dangerous track

For those roleplaying in the realm of the Fey and its entrance into Velmaneth: Little Piddling

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A dangerous track

Postby Damiensluman » Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:28 am

Nightfall and a traveller in a tattered cloak is walking on one of the less trodden tracks to piddling. The night had coming much sooner than he hopped and he was hurrying to find shelter from the nigh and the incoming storm. Memory fail to record watt happened next but before he new it he was on the floor a searing pain in his leg wear an unwelcome dagger had entered. Turning to lay eyes on his attacker he felt a firm fist across his face knocking him back as his travellers bag was ripped away from him once agene he felt the sharp sting of a stabbing blade and just like that his attacker faded into the night. Slowly he tried dragging himself towards the town of piddling but he wasn’t going to last long. As the evening glow of well lit town came into view he felt himself start to fade as his world started to tern to darkens…
‘if I am to heal these wounds
You must fist grant me a boon
For this life I am to save
A life of serves you must pay
For at the rising of the sun
A brand new life may have begun
If you wish to see that day
Then make a pact with this proud old fay'

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