For those whose mourning was untimely

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Feeling the cold waters of death flow around his ankles, Tu'ath looked down the river. The gentle spirit of the one he had sworn to protect floated along the surface of the water. She looked peaceful and at rest, despite the cruelty and suddenness of her death. Tu'ath planted his feet, as to not let the river take him, and watched as Aviendha's spirit floated down the river, towards the Hopewates, and death itself. He did not wear his armour now, and was garbed in only his brown, sealskin trousers. From his belt he drew Nahima, and without flinching or moving his gaze from the swiftly departing body, he drew the blade across his chest.

"Tu'ath sorry. Tu'ath failed. Tu'ath tried to protect, but he was not good enough. Vengeance has been served, but Tu'ath knows it will not bring you back. If you had not been protected by Tu'ath, you would not have died..."

Replacing the blade, he drew from a pouch on his belt, some of the silver chime balls. Sleeper and Weeper, Ranna and Astarael. He swung the Sleeper in a circular motion, conferring its blessing on the departing soul.

"Sleeper, bless this one, allow her rest. Do not let her soul be corrupted, or taken by any dark force. She was of the light, let her stay with the light."

The Weeper he swung in a counter figure of eight, to ward away the dark spirits that populated the realms of death.

"Weeper, this one seeks passage through your realm. Do not take or destroy her soul, for she has done no wrong to the spirits. Should any try to hinder her, take their souls instead."

As he saw the body of Aviendha pass over the waterfall of the first gate, the Binder's symbol on her forehead glowing in recognition of the sounds of its brother spirits, he brought the two chime balls together, to end the ritual. As he did so, he let out an almighty roar, the wound on his chest burning with the power he had summoned forth. A burst of light went out from him, and he found himself back in life, near the campfire he had made for that night at the fort in Gweria. As he went about picking up his armour to put it back on, those around noticed that while Tu'ath hadn't moved from the spot for about half an hour, a new scar had appeared on his chest, exactly the same length as the one above it. When asked what they meant he only answered:

"A reminder."
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