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Around the Wastes

Postby dainul » Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:18 am

The elf moves through the darkened forest, circling his fleeing prey this way and that, occasionally allowing the terrified creature glimpses of its pursuer. Moving from tree to tree, the elf stalks as the experienced, skilled predator it is. Before long, its prey breaks into a panicked run, easy to steer, easy to control. The elf smiles a dark smile as it moves to cut off its prey's flight once again, driving forward on clawed feet. Clawed? When did it change? No matter. Soon it would be time to end the hunt, to taste the sweetness of its prey's second death.

Somewhere in the back of its mind, the elf feels unease. It knows that it wants something more than this instinct-driven hunt, but it can't remember what.


The shaman looks down from the hilltop on yet another scarred battlefield. Times were hard in the darkness of the 'wastes, peace and balance had been hard to find for so long. Years? Decades? Krellr couldn't truly tell how long had passed since he had fallen. It hadn't been long after that the elves had begun their crusade of conquest, and things had not got any better since. News said the Bastion had fallen and there was little of anything left to hope for.

With a quiet prayer to his Lady, Krellr began to make his way down the hill to the carnage below. There may still be souls left to save from Oblivion, to be the foundations of a Balanced future. Though in this moment, he could not see what form that future would take.


The warrior stands from his work and flexes his muscles before he replaces his armour. The chain shirt was more repairs than metal by now, but it had saved his life so often down here, he couldn't leave it behind now. His life? He looks around at the wastes around him, the twisted, dead plants, the demon lying in a broken heap where he had left it. Hardly life any more.

Why did it come to this? What had he done, or not done to be denied return to the Mother's side? What had he done wrong? He'd stopped praying to Her some time ago. It had just seemed so hollow, felt wrong for a creature without Her blessing of Blood and Life to ask for Her guidance or protection.

He turns his face to the East again. He'd heard that the fortress had fallen, but still, there might be something to be salvaged from the wreckage, and even if not, it gave his existence a direction. The small hope gave him a reason not to charge into one of the raging battles he's skirted around, not to seek out his own end. He tries not to think about what he's going to do once he's slavaged what he can from the wreckage.
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