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Postby dainul » Sat May 08, 2010 11:18 pm

((Probably not in the Hopewastes, but certainly not anywhere physical))

In a cavern larger than any mountain range, a great silver dragon awakens, and opens his eyes. Carefully, he stands, raising his head until it nearly brushes the roof of the cavern and looks around. He quickly spots a figure and turns his body to face it. "Brother... Why? How?"

The bronze dragon looks over as his brother stirs and dips his head in a nod. "Brother. How? With some difficulty, some skill, and a little lack of foresight on the part of a certain god of Death. Quarin sacrificed your soul in a Ritual to cement His Power. Which, of course, meant He was sacrificing it to me. Why? Because your return was a precondition of my own reascension. That and I still have a use for you. You have set me back considerably by dying so carelessly."

The silver dragon, snarls and crouches low in the cavern. "I set you back? I am not your pawn!" He hurls himself forwards, but the bronze dragon meets him mid-flight, and the two of them come crashing down with a force that would have sent giants running had there been another soul to witness it. In the aftermath, it is the bronze dragon who is on top, pinning his brothers limbs, his teeth at his brother's throat. After a moment, he withdraws his head and fixes his brother with a cold glare.

"Indeed? You exist only because I will it. You died. You failed!" With a flap of his huge wings, the bronze dragon leaps back from his brother's body. At his brother's confused stare he replies, "Your power is already mine, brother. I have no need to take it from you. Go. You are welcome in my domain no longer. Return again, and I will strip you of all your freedom. But not your mind. You will know exactly what it is you lost." The silver dragon needs no further encouragement. He rights himself swiftly and gracefully then, with one parting glare at his hated brother, he is no longer in the cavern.

In the darkness left by the Celestial Dragon's departure, a faint shifting in the texture of the darkness is all that betrays his movement, as the Bronze Dragon, God of Rituals, Silver settles down to plot his brother's rise to power.
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