End of Days

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End of Days

Postby Will » Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:16 pm

**It started small. Some dark, shapeless creatures moving slowly across the land. Anyone who saw them felt cold, a sort of tugging at their soul, and kept well away.

It wasn't long before rumours began to spread though. A village wiped out. Lenamo's sanctuary overrun. Reports from all over Pargon of these creatures appearing. Glooms they were called. Soul Scourges to others. Some were to scared to even give them a name.

Reports of dozens dead already, and there seemed no stop to the flow of darkness. Many talked of previous prophecy, warnings, a world out of balance. Fingers were pointed, extreme cults and solutions suggested. In Sinya Palurin the lack of strong leadership suddenly became apparent as riots and mass migrations struck any chance of organisation useless. Elsewhere, similar reports, the odd ray of hope but a bleak picture in general.

Near Pathway, Heroes gathered. Rumours of some sort of resistance lent hope. That's where the end of days begins...**
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