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Postby dainul » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:25 am

Molignue sent the last citizen on his way with a smile, the reconstrucion had been proceeding apace with the aid of the armies and his oversight. Still...

He turned to the two guards in the room. "Dismissed. Go get some rest." Finally alone, Molignue allowed himself to relax, and he closed his eyes in thought. The messenger had not got through, perhaps there was another way. There were still contacts in Pathway he might be able to tap, but they would be easier for the Queen's spies to track.

Without warning, a sense of peace came across him, and for the first time in too many months, he smiled a genuine smile. Almost as soon as it came, though, it was gone. The wind had changed, and there would be much work to do tomorrow. But tonight there should be time for some personal business.
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