Background - The World Trembles... Again

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Background - The World Trembles... Again

Postby Will » Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:45 pm

**The avian patrol flies close to Sanga, casting a spell as it goes. Upon completion it's eyes glow a dull white and it stares down below. It's a fairly regular occurence, he does it every day, checking up. Today however...**

"Oh shi...." As those eyes register something, a powerful blast of magic shoots through the sky and knocks the Avian out of his course. As he comes crashing to the ground he struggles to mutter out a few words of a spell, then passes out. He slows, barely noticably, and whilst the impact with the ground is hard, it seems not nearly as hard as it should have been. The impact wakes him up briefly and he looks around, dazed. Groggily he reaches out with a shattered arm... well, tries to, before he realises the arm is shattered. He tries with the other arm. It works. Miraculously the object he was reaching for, a pink glowing ball of energy contained in what looks like a very fragile glass is unbroken. Slowly, clumsily, he brings his arm down and crushes the globe sending pink glowing sparks shooting through the air and away into the... well... around. Then... he passes out again, slipping into a fitful doze.**


**A selection of Hero's are briefly aware of something pink shooting through their heads and into their minds before they feel the world slipping away beneath them. They get a feeling of urgency, of need... and some suggestion... of money...**


**They find themselves in a clearing. It's wide... and open... and there's no sign of the desperately wounded Avian they all saw in their minds eye. But there is a sense of direction... and again that sense of travelling...

And then... the world trembles...**
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