Background - New Lords Rising

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Background - New Lords Rising

Postby bedevere » Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:37 pm

*The Chief Engineer of the Dwarven City Ship checked again, but he knew what he would find already.*

Aye, the central propulsion matrix is gone. That's not possible, but nonetheless, it’s gone.

Lets review the facts, eh? None of the guards have seen anything, none of the protection rituals have been triggered, and more importantly, the entire city ship have not been destroyed by the explosion that should logically have happened. What can we conclude, acolyte?

*The acolyte looked nervous, still unable to get past the thought that they should by rights be consumed by boundless energies no longer held in check and directed to propel their ship*

“Er… I don’t know, Sir.”

Aye. A perfect summary. Well done. Now send for the scryers, and then the heroes. We’ve got some on board, mostly in the Harpooned Whale tavern, usually. Send a few messages to the mainland, if you can find someone to send a message fast enough. I’ll get something written up. We’re going nowhere until it is retrieved, so we’d best pay well for this, I think.

*Not long after, the following is distributed, along with a promise of teleportation to the meeting place for those who need it, such as those already on the City Ship.*

“Heroes required to track down and return a missing magical item. Great danger, great rewards. Meet in the clearing on the west edge of the City Ships main park. For those on the mainland who wish to assist, teleportation will be arranged from Pathway.”
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Re: Background - New Lords Rising

Postby Will » Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:46 pm

To clarify.

This is heroes of vision lead up. People playing i suggest starting a forum thread describing your characters boarding the massive city ship from a port on the north coast, being sailed out to the city in smaller boats.
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