Background - Fort Drake Stockade

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Background - Fort Drake Stockade

Postby Ben » Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:45 pm

Four figures entered the room, two stood tall, well armed the others shorter and obviously less ready for a fight. The room had rough stone walls where it had been hewn out of the very side of the mountains that formed the Heartlands border and was almost bare lit only by a dim lantern brought by one of the smaller men who led the way. Almost, that is, except for a tall bench with the obvious shape of a body covered by a rough blanket.

“Who is it?”

The first man to speak was one of the two armed men, a voice most of Pathway would recognise as the man in charge of the Free People: General Uthred. One of the smaller figures, a man wearing stained pale robes and small round glasses stepped up to the bench and carefully pulled back the cloth to reveal the corpse, blood covered the blanket and bench. Silence.

“Who was she?”

The man with the lantern placed it down beside the corpse, near the feet so that they didn’t need to see what was left of the face but didn’t speak.

“Well Warden?”

The warden had the look of a man who hadn’t slept much over the last two days and wore a leather breastplate that looked as if it had been hastily polished and strapped on when he’d realised he would have to report this to the General. He turned to the second armed man with a slightly pleading look.

Uthred grabbed the lantern and moved it back to get a closer look at the corpse’s head. From the look of it, the back of the next had been slit with a very sharp knife, a knife that had then been pulled sharply around removing the skin from the face.

Quietly, the second armed man spoke.

“Uthred, it’s Estan.”

The general turned back to the Air Elf’s body.

“I don’t remember seeing her name on any prisoner manifest Quayle.”

“I know, I brought her in about a year ago when those who were accused of murder were asked to hand themselves in for questioning or face outlawing. She refused to admit culpability for the killing of Aquarius but was aware of the plan to murder him. Though she claimed not to be a member of the Order of Dakron, she was a follower. As an accessory to murder and a follower of Dakron, she was eligible for the harshest penalty but in return for her life she accepted incarceration, however it had to be done anonymously for fear of reprisal from members of The Order.”

“You’re sure they did this?”

Quayle nodded before making a ‘V’ symbol, pointing at his own eyes then pointing down at Estanarielle. Uthred followed Quayle’s gesture before leaning it to look at Estanarielle closely, each eye had a cruciform cut into it, the symbol of the god of murder. He nodded before looking up at the warden and doctor.


The pair left, closing the door behind them and Uthred continued.


Quayle just shook his head, “I don’t know Uthred, but we have to hope so. We know that he seems immune to the wards around the forts, he got in before in order to steal from the book. If all followers of Dakron can do that then we could be in serious trouble.”

Uthred nodded again, “I think we have to make some changes to be on the safe side”.
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