Background - Pathway Militia

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Background - Pathway Militia

Postby Ben » Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:47 pm

Notices are nailed up around the three forts of Pathway

Citizens of the Free People

An increase in crime throughout Pathway has led to us needing a standing military force to maintain order throughout the lands of the Free People. Although the founding members of this force were known as ‘The Mercenaries’ they now work for the good our new nation alongside those who have been trained since. Henceforth this force will be known as ‘The Militia’ and will be responsible for all day to day matters of law enforcement within Pathway as well as their current military requirements. This is not a significant change, simply bolstering the forces within the forts: the Woodland Stalkers retain all of their powers as do Avril and those of the Magistrates office.

Fort Drake will remain a base of operations for the recruitment and training of The Militia, all are welcome to join: we always need healers and spellcasters as well as scouts and fighters. Report to the recruitment officer at any of the three forts. Though you will be expected to provide your abilities where required to the Free People, we welcome our members to pursue private contracts in their own time (as long as these contracts are not to the detriment of the Free People or bring the Militia into disrepute).

By Order of General Uthred
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