Background - The Coshwoods

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Background - The Coshwoods

Postby Will » Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:46 am

**The below is a flavour of a bigger storyline. This is not general knowledge, but I put it here for people to appreciate and smile at**

In the beginning... Eremine created everything. She created the world, she created the Gods and in a sort of roundabout way, she created the creatures.

In this, she had more of a hand than seems on the surface. Whilst Lenamo created his races, Eremine watched, and something within her stirred. A motherly feeling, one that can never be denied. A need not only to create, but to nurture.

She travelled to Velmaneth, in secret, whilst her immortal children worked. It was an unfinished world, and as she walked between the molten rock and churning seas that would soon form the planet, she saw a glimpse of what would be Lenamo's most beautiful children, and she felt love.

As Lenamo developed his plans for the race, Eremine's mind, vast and all encompassing, got there first. Stepping between the rocks, she drew out of them the first Earth Elf, solid and steady. From the boiling lava rose the first Fire Elf, terrible as he was powerful. Amongst the seas she drew forth the first Water Elf, fluid and free. As she travelled the winds to reach her next destination, soaring high above the world, she plucked from the air a creature of chaos and dance.

Arriving in the Heartlands, Eremine stood beneath the trees, and in the deep shade of the tallest boughs, she found the first child of shadow, withdrawn and dark of heart. Almost straight after, as the first child of air soared into the woods to stand with his mother, the leaves parted, and light stabbed down to the ground. As such, the first Light Elf was born, true and pure.

With her first six mortal children gathered around her, the heat from the fire child caused discomfort, and so Eremine once again sought balance. From the Water Elf she drew a droplet, which froze in her hands. Her fingers danced and there stood a Winter Elf, whose cold shone so deeply that the Fire Elf stood back.

The Earth Child stood near one of the trees in the wood and knelt down, picking up a nearby stone. He rolled it through his fingers and looked up at the tall tree that grew from the land... his land. So significant a creature was this thing of wood. As the thought formed, as did the first child of the Woods, solid and serene.

With her eight children around her, Eremine felt calm, and at peace, but something was still missing. She drew the eight towards her, and linking hands formed a circle. The power of their creation still dripped raw from their pores, and guided by Eremine's power formed a new figure.

The Elves spoke, as one, unified perhaps for the only time.

"You who are made of us all, you who contain all our powers. You shall be our highest Elf."

The word Elf seemed to form from nowhere, but it felt right.

"The High Elf, our strongest brother, who will guide and protect us."

Eremine smiled, her work done. She was aware of the powers of Life and Death, but they were too raw, to different. Their time would come. She thought this as she rose to the skies, and looked down lovingly on her favoured children.

The scene was wonderful, all unified, all at peace and balanced.

Then Velnashar saw, and smiled. It was time to give his gift. Eremine, having returned to the heavens, spoke her words.

"What gift can you give, my son, which will not destroy the balance? For should my balance be disrupted, all of creation will come to an end"

As Velnashar responded, he looked upon the High Elf and bestowed his gift.

"My mother, my creator, I shall give them free will, the choice to do what they will with their lives. By the light of my day they shall create more destruction by their own accord than anything that even I could imagine, and it will all be by their own hand, thus preserving your precious balance."

Eremine understood, and smiled a sad smile, before sinking into the Jewel.

The High Elf smiled then at his brothers and sisters, and named them Coshwood. The name seemed right again, as though from nowhere.

The Coshwood family spread from there, aware of others of their kind, less powerful but still present, around the globe. The Air Elf stayed, for he was aware of many of his brethren gathering here in the area around these woodlands.

The Coshwood family remain the strongest, most powerful of their race, steeped in history and success.

The first to fade out of History was the Air Elf. His people swiftly established themselves, and great plans were drawn. The Air Coshwood established his dominance and it was a fluid, fun society. One day, the Coshwood travelled a little away from his people to meet with the High Coshwood. He had taken a name by this time, one that would become known throughout the world. Erathil. They spoke at length about their plans, and the Air Coshwood was not impressed, nor willing. Returning to his people, he stopped briefly along the way to take care of one more matter of business. On his return he found a gaping crater where his people had lived. Cursing, he looked to the skies and then back over his shoulder. Erathil stood and just smiled back, before walking past his brother and floating down below the cliff line.

The Air Elf nodded sadly, and rose into the Air, searching for his people... and became lost in this story.

The Wood Elf similarly took on a name. That of Danahil. He met with his brother Erathil as he came down to the Heartlands and together they began work on Dvarni, the great city.

Of the other Coshwoods, not much is known, nor where they will resurface. There are rumours of a particularaly powerful Fire Elf rising to signficance against the backdrop of recent events. Likewise, an Earth Elf of clear depth and strength was discovered amongst a strong group of Heroes in the not too distant past.

Of the Shadow Elf, there are several possibilities, but none who have revealed themselves, and none that still live. The Water, Winter, Light are similarily unknown, and their lack of discovery suggests something darker at work.

Those who have spent time looking into the family, of which there are maybe 2, have gathered that their story, and their journey, will have a massive significance to play in the events that are set to fall upon Velmaneth. Discovering the remaining Coshwood's may be the key to salvation.

Or maybe... they are best left forgotten...
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