Hiring - 24th Januvet 159

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Hiring - 24th Januvet 159

Postby Ben » Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:32 am

**Quayle and Uthred stood in the war-room of the central Pathway fort looking over a map of each fort and the surrounding area**

"Uthred, this area" he points to a blue line in the shape of a tear, its rounded base encapsculating the three forts of Pathway and its point originating at a forth fort some distance away outside the Heartlands "represents the protection of the veil. And these" this time he gestures to a number of red crosses throughout the area "indicate murders throughout what we thought of as the protected zone".

Uthred looked down for a few moments before speaking "Are the protections still active?"

"It appears so, for the general populus at least"

"So someone has found a way around them? The Order?"

"Almost certainly. They have left their mark at each incident, unless it is someone else trying to lay the blame on them, but there would be little point."

"Possibly. It matters less to me who is doing it as opposed to how. Did the men find him?"

"They have located him, yes, but he refuses to speak to those who he feels have invaded his homeland."

Uthred snorts "So he won't talk to any member of the Free Peoples?"

"He will meet with a group in the hire of the Free Peoples as long as they do not represent a military force or government organisation."

"So" Uthred gives a wry smile "We are forced to employ mercenaries? Ah the irony. Put out the word, don't give too many specifics and make it sound impressive and official."

Several notices are displayed throughout Pathway and the surrounding area.

General Uthred of the Free Peoples requests that those seeking freelance adventuring/mercenary work meet outside Fort Drake on the 24th day of Januvet.

The mission: to attend a rendezvous with a mage of Elven origin, acquire information important to the Free Peoples and return with said information.

You will be paid 10 rava each.

Uthred, General
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