World Plot: The Fall from Grace

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World Plot: The Fall from Grace

Postby Will » Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:43 pm

**Little explosions of Faith explode around the world. Figures appear through these momentary holes, looking stunned, not quite sure what they're seeing. All seem to touch their arms and body, feeling their physical form as though they were somehow unfamiliar. For most, a look of horror crosses their faces. Fear also. Looking around, scared... vulnerable...**


**In Sanga, a figure in White and Silver appears through one of these explosions. He blinks, but seems exceptionally calm. The symbol of a Whale adorns his chest. Dark blonde hair frames deep blue eyes. Looking across the road, a building with glowing yellow in the windows punctures the deep darkness of the night. The sounds of fighting are quite clear, and this seems to trouble the young man. Striding swiftly towards the door, he pushes it open, with a little effort, his body frail. Looking in, he is aware of the smells first, deep and stale, heavy and unmissable. Unpleasant. As his eyes adjust to the change in light, the scene is clear. A fight. A dozen men throwing themselves around the room, broken glass littering the floor. Swords are drawn.**

"Brothers stop, there is no need for violence here"

**He steps forward, his arms raised, a look of genuine concern on his face**

"Please, let us put down our weapons and find a peaceful way to settle our disagreements"

**A particularly burly man looks the newcomer in the eye. Grinning toothlessly, he backhands the man in white and silver across the room, his light frame carried clear over a table. The warm, coppery taste of blood fills his mouth and he finds himself gagging, choking slightly as he coughs up a broken tooth. Feeling the wetness around his chin, he is aware of the pain... not that he knows what it is he is feeling, but he is aware just how it is overwhelming him.... despite this, he stands, and clutches at something on the end of a chain around his neck, moving uncertainly back towards the crowd**

"Please... I... I don't understand.... please stop..."

**Several of the men look around, losing interest in fighting their usual opponents. A mad glint appears in several of their eyes**


**The broken bottle comes down hard, tearing through the cheek, the soft flesh squelching and flapping loose. The victim tries to speak, but the pain and damage makes it all but impossible. A few muttered sounds might have been audible, but nothing recognisable any more. Steel capped boots and heavy fists rain down on the already battered body and unconsciousness comes mercifully swiftly.

When they are finished, the broken body is dumped out the back. The limbs hang at awkward angles, and the face is unrecognisable. As it collapses amongst the garbage, a lifeless hand falls open, and a small golden whale tinkles to the ground....**
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