Saga: Timeline of important events leading up to now

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Saga: Timeline of important events leading up to now

Postby Ben » Tue May 04, 2010 10:39 am

Before: Nothing exists. As does time.

Then: Eremine comes into existence and creates the world

1st Januvet 1: People are created given life, freedom and knowledge. They begin numbering time.

Minutes later: mortals begin to pay their respects to powers they don’t understand by worshipping such forces as Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Creation, Destruction, Life and Death. They begin building Dvarni in honour of the greatest of these powers.

Days later: someone recognises time as powerful, time becomes Time.

Over the next 5 years: The Temple of Time is built in Sinya Palurin, just outside the entrance to the Heartlands.

c Year 5: The Well breaks through into the Heart of Eremine.

Shortly thereafter: Eremine gives up her omniscience, sealing away her knowledge of all that will be in a book entitled “The Path”. The book is lain to rest in the Temple of Time which becomes known as The Temple of Pathway. Powered by the book, a magical barrier known as The Veil is erected around the temple, any violence or intention of violence committed within invokes the full wrath of Time. The room is sealed from mortal eyes by Eremine and her four remaining sons, each creates an item and entrusts it to one of their followers: only when the items are brought together will the room be unsealed.

Early Apons 100: Erathil convinces Valos Mar, High Priest of Time to extend the magical protections around The Temple of Pathway to surround the three forts of Pathway as well. The ritual complete, Erathil has the temple burnt to the ground (the fire started from outside The Veil in order to not suffer its wrath). However, protected by the gods, the building with the book remains in tact.

14th Apons 100: Erathil takes the forts of Pathway in a bloodless coup, anyone who stands against him is destroyed by the power of The Veil.

15th Apons 100: Erathil takes Dvarni, the day becomes known as Erathil’s Betrayal.

Later that year: Knowing that it is linked to The Veil but unable to access it, Erathil builds a fort around the building containing the book, the fort becomes known as The Veil. He stations the Fire Elven army there.

28th Julinus 156: Heroes bring together the artefacts of the gods, gaining access to the book “The Path”. Heroes close the book shortly thereafter bringing down the magical protections of the The Veil.

28th-30th Julinus 156: A short bloody war ensues where the forces of Sinya Palurin take control of the three forts of Pathway.

30th Julinus 156: The book is reopened in a ritual that reinstates the protections of The Veil.

2nd September 157: Erathil is killed by being pushed into the Well of Dvarni. Onlurin, god of magic, seals the Well.

8th Feveriat 159: The Well is reopened, magical radiation begins spilling out across the Heartlands.

14th Feveriat 159: The radiation totally covers the Heartlands and stops, held back by the mountains and The Veil.

25th Januvet 160: Valos Mar, High Priest of Time dies. The Veil should collapse back to its original state surrounding The Temple of Pathway (now known as Fort Drake) however Eternity intervenes slowing time in the Heartlands dramatically so that over a month goes by in a few hours.

14th Martikan 160: The Realm of Faith is destroyed, Eternity dies, The Veil rescinds to Fort Drake. The radiation begins to spread extremely slowly.

4th Maya 160: Those monitoring the radiation estimate its spread at a foot an hour, it has spread 1200 feet so far…
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