World Plot: Fallen and Revived

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World Plot: Fallen and Revived

Postby dainul » Sat May 08, 2010 6:39 pm

((Awaiting confirmation for the rest of the pantheon))

A couple of hours after mid-day, all followers of the Celestial Dragon are struck down by a terrible anguish and Despair as their God is ripped from them, His Essence taken and imprisoned. They know, with terrible certainty that their God is dead, but more than that, what exists of His soul has been trapped and confined by some terrible, malevolent force.

A few hours after this, the mental, spiritual pain is magnified again, as His Essence is consumed, sacrificed in the name of some terrible and dark power... and then it fades. Somehow, somewhere, their God is alive again, weakened, damaged, but alive and again immortal.


Many weeks have passed since the terrible, painful fall of Lenanuki, and His followers have suffered greatly. Many have succumbed to despair, while some others have turned to other gods. Yet somehow, all of His former followers feel a tentative, hesitant tug on their souls. Slowly, they come to realise the meaning, the origin of the tug, and those who accept it feel the light and Peace of their God flow back into them.
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