World Plot: Once and Future

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World Plot: Once and Future

Postby Ben » Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:31 pm

The mist continued its slow expansion from the Heartlands, stretching east and west into Sinya Palurin and Gweria. As it moved ever onwards it began to warp those who inhaled the essence of pure magic that was all that remained of the great jewel from the centre of the world. Those who covered their faces, filtering out most of the tiny shards of the Heart of Eremine, were affected least by the mist but many were slain by those who had fallen to the great mutation.

Across the sea, the sting of Serke Kemi finally crumbled and the mist began to cover the island but the Serkanians found themselves affected much less than those of the west as the pureshard in their blood helped to protect them, however soon it spread to Brockman Isle and Draconis Tielvar where the inhabitants were not so fortunate.

In Sanga, there was a great explosion of magic as the capstone from the second well cracked and the mist spewed forth into Sinya Palurin spreading hundreds of times faster than it had from the Heartlands. The peoples of the great cities of Mahtar and Nandine evacuated heading west while the Telerfret erected great magical defences to protect their city. As it reached the Ondo mountains to the south, the avians flew south but still the mist spread passing into Noore I'Meles and Dolen Taleth.

As the refugees reached the coast they began to constuct boats to try to escape the seemingly inevitable but soon they saw the mist on the horizon, spreading out from Serke Kemi. As the mist reached the coasts of Sinya Palurin and Gweria it seemed as if all was lost when suddenly the mist began to recede. Within minutes it withdrew, being sucked back towards the Heartlands leaving behind a confused but relieved population with only the threat of several thousand mutants to deal with and their own health problems brought on by the magical influence of the toxic pink fog.

However, even this issue was short-lived. Across the world, someone smiled on Velmaneth. For a few seconds, every coin flipped came up as called, and every die showed a six and the mutants were returned to their previous forms, their afflictions cured and new found magical powers stripped.

As promised by the Emperor, the armies of humanity marched east from Ingolé in order to reclaim the forts of Pathway. As they reached Fort Drake they found a small group of heroes lead by Sir Dias who gravely informed them that the forts of Pathway to the south had been handed over to the Elven forces, lead by a newly returned Erathil and his new general, Warryn Onyx Coshwood, paladin of Gerethanax and former sentinel.
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