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Postby dainul » Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:29 pm

High above the world, flying deep in the void beyond, a great bronze dragon circles Velmaneth. With his great eyes, he sees the scurrying motion of every living thing beneath him. With his great nostrils, he smells their joy and fear, exhaustion and exultation. With senses not named by mortal mind, he feels their oncoming, inevitable Death.

Beneath him, but still far above the mortal realm flies his brother, once his greater, but now cast down through the actions of mortal and God alike. The smaller dragon's wings beat faster, and less certainly than his dark brother's, but in truth, they could still level cities with a beat.

Further down, on the surface of the small world, a pillar of power forms, and swiftly grows, reaching up and out towards the bronze beast soaring above. Then it falters, and for a few moments it turns this way and that, seeking an anchor, turning back towards the earth, then up again. Finally it links to the smaller dragon, and power seems to flow into the silver creature.

The bronze dragon watches all of this with interest tinged with amusement, until the flow of power unexpectedly changes. Something flows from the world to the silver dragon, or perhaps the flow is the other way. Its scales dull, it's wing-beats falter, and the silver dragon begins to tumble and fall, and for a moment it seems as if he will crash into the world and be sundered like most all their other siblings.

But he rights himself, and the flow of power stops. Satisfied that his brother is not about to loose all his power, the dragon of death runs his attention to the world below, and the source of the thread of unpredictable power.


On the world below, followers of the Celestial dragon can feel their god's strength sap, and though it feels controlled, somehow intentional, they cannot deny that their already weakened Lord has been brought down yet further.

((OOC: Until further notice, Celestial Dragon Faith 4 and 5 benefits are unavailable.))
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