World Plot: Sunrise

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World Plot: Sunrise

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:00 pm

And so the heroes travelled to the Isle of the Life Giver, seeking to rid the island of its demonic infestation. The fought long and hard, battling to the centre of the island to perform their ritual, unknowing of the acts the evil within them had performed. With the ritual they achieved a success, they were transported back to the boat and sailed for the mainland. But at what price?

All across Velmaneth, and even into the planes below, a burst of fire shot across the sky followed by a maniacal cackle, undoubtedly that of the Sun god himself. Waves of purple, blue, brown, red and black shot across the skies and bore down into the earth. The island had been rid of its demons but now they found a new home.

One of the walls of the Arcane University crumbled as a dozen demons crushed through it.

A dozen more descended upon Pathway, terminated in mid air by the ritual defences Erathil had erected.

Yet more arrived in the middle of the human army, several humans dying as the demons collided with the earth explosively.

The demons had arrived and now the began their march through Velmaneth, ravaging everything they met.

And so the "heroes" travelled back, knowing what they had done. They left the boat as it docked with the mainland and, one by one, they noticed a symbol on one of the pillars of the dock.


They knew what this meant............

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