Background: Lavelas Plot

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Background: Lavelas Plot

Postby spsblue » Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:58 pm

As all the winter elves of the land go about their daily routines the back of their mind starts to itch with a small urge, being nothing more then a passing fancy at first, but slowly recurring and building upon itself, pushing more and more until what was once a flicker of an idea became an echoing compulsion. The undeniable urge to construct a cross on the floor, one line flour and one line sugar, then stand inside the cross as the sun descends this evening.


As the sun falls on this day, each of the crosses become the target of a vast ritual, mass teleporting each creature within these foci all over the world. Each creature teleported finds itself unconsulted as to if they are willing or not and vanish for a moment from the world, forgetting they even drew the cross in the first place and losing all urge to draw another.


Re-appearing in the midst of a night time blizzard, the cold chilling air biting at their skin as they stand on the tundra of the frozen north, a winter elf, his head appearing to be that of a fire elf, stood there in the centre of the ritual circle, surrounded by demons.

As the elves appear, almost instinctively Ice Bolts erupt from their hands aiming at the closest fire demon, shattering it into a thousand small ice crystals. A sudden blast hits their minds as their vision blurs briefly - compelling them to the command “Do Not Attack Demons!” as it weaved its way through all of their minds.


((OOC)) All Winter Elf Player Characters that do not wish to be in the frozen north will need to supply a reason for their inability to receive or create the ritual foci and therefore avoid the teleportation.

Half Winter Elves will be aware of these compulsions but will be able to resist them with effort, shutting out the commands using the will of their second race.

Any one wishing to play the “Fragments” adventure should use one of the methods suggested above to avoid being teleported.

If you only wish to play “Turning Tides” feel free to allow the teleport to take effect or resist it, which ever fits your character better.
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Re: Background: Lavelas Plot

Postby Firesky » Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:07 am

The winter elf known as Artus Kayzen walked into the office of a Librian official who was his direct superior. Followed by a couple of guards.

"Cleric Kayzen, what explanation do you have for this incident?"

"That is difficult to determine, but it is clear now that the intent to acquire such random items was not my own."

"As proven by this being something that affected all winter elves, at the same time. Some, like yourself, were fortunate enough to be subdued and detained in time. However, those who carried out the full extent of their commands have disappeared. I am immediately terminating your detention, and giving you your orders. You will rendezvous with Elena, and together investigate this incident. Discover what caused it, and ensure that it never happens again." Kayzen's superior handed him a scroll, with a wax seal bearing the Tetragrammaton symbol.

"Yes, sir." Kayzen took the scroll, and left to seek the locations described within, to discover what was going on, and how to permanently stop it.
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Re: Background: Lavelas Plot

Postby dainul » Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:12 am

In the Heartlands...

Captain Anseau strides purposefully out of his tent, and looks around. Spotting one of his aides, he steps over to the high elf, and quickly says "I wan't third and fourth compnay in the parade ground in five minutes. No exceptions." Then turns back into his tent to gather his equipment while the aide hurries off.

A few minutes later, Anseau stands in the parade ground with his entire command of Winter Elves, plus a couple of others. He notices that several of his people have already gathered the necessary ingredients, and so Anseau sets about organising the preparations. Ten minutes later, all that is left of Captain Anseau and the third and fourth companies under his command is an empty parade ground and a lot of sugar and flour.

Across the Heartlands, the scene is repeated, with circles large and small left behind, and almost every winter elf in Erathil's armies mysteriously vanished.
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