Reports and Rumours

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Reports and Rumours

Postby dainul » Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:28 am

Rumours start to run around sinya Palurin of an elven incursion beyond Pathway and even to Ingolé itself. The rumours are confused and varied, as rumours often are, but many attribute to the elves an attack on a village north of Pathway, and in some, they're attribute with the death of the Sir Lichbane, the champion of Firrin.

Those with connections with the human military may become aware of a report from an Everni scout about the troubles afflicting the village north of Pathway. In response to his request for aid came two peasants of the village, a single 'Fey' and several elves, including three high elves who openly declared their loyalty to Erathil. for lack of anyone else, they were asked to look into what was happening, and if possible protect the village, and they did. Elves loyal to Erathil thwarted a cult set on consuming the souls of human peasants.

Those with connections at the Arcane University may become aware of a report from one Doctor Arthelius of Machar who led an archaeological expedition to the Scorching Wastes. Of those who responded to his request for aides, several were elves openly loyal to Erathil, who worked productively with the team, and then left with most of the Malakite artefacts recovered on the expedition.
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