Shadows of the Malakite

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Shadows of the Malakite

Postby dainul » Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:01 pm

Every evening after exploring the tombs , those who spent time down there have been plagued by a strange feeling. From time to time something will move in the corner of their vision, eyes watching them from shadows, catching whispers of their name behind their back and an uneasy feeling like they are not truly alone.
((all party members are suffering from a mild form of confusion recurring every so often each evening, feeling stronger the darker your surroundings))

For those lucky enough to be carrying Malakite relics they seem to have a whisper at the back of their neck each evening, too quiet to make out. Every so often having a recurring dream of a violent but distant battle between men and demons, playing out slightly differently each time though always ending with a blade of pure shadow being driven through their back and bursting through their chest as they wake.
((any person holding a relic can stay conscious to 1 lower soul per item, so with 1 item they drop at -1 soul, 3 items, -3 soul etc. Additionally in regards to resisting domination all characters are considered to have one less soul per relic held. Characters will be unaware of these effects))
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