Hope Fallen?

For events within the currently ruined Bastion of Hope

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Hope Fallen?

Postby Edd » Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:20 am

Aquilla appears in the Bastion in a rumble of thunder. He seems weakened now, as he looks around for his Emissary. He struggle to run properly - his usual dexterous self far from the clumsy elf he seems to be now. He mutters to himself.

"Lead me Guide, Guide me home. Lady of Light, hear my prayers. What has happend to you both?"
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Re: Hope Fallen?

Postby Phil.Priest » Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:48 pm

Within the Bastion the Rites of Hope fade from a shining beacon to a dull thrum.

Kalist, The Emissary of Hope, falls to his knees as his Mistress becomes mortal. She was no longer within the Heavens, She was no longer with him and yet she was always with him...

She is vulnerable... wherever she is...

Despite being weakened he still had the power from Hunger... still had power from being Her chosen...

She needs protection... wherever she is...

Is it possible? Can he break through the veil with her Shining One? Even for a short time to keep Her safe...?

One other needs protection too... wherever he is... the Black to Her White...

Faith... everything comes down to Faith... and magic...

Moving to a central location within the Bastion the Emissary unleashes his silvery wings, showing all within that Hope is not lost. Then with practised precision a blue circle is placed within a larger white.. knowing Aquilla would shortly be arriving he began... a Ritual encompassing the power of his magic and faith and that of his power from Kan Slarr...

As predicable as ever the Prince arrives in a spark, by nothing more than a glance at each other they know what has happened... know what must be done...

Mistress, we are thine faithful followers, You have given us your benevolent gifts and protection in times past, now we shall do the same.

Knowing that she may not have the power to hear what has been said does nothing to stop the angel intoning Her name to begin the ritual...

Both of the elves seat themselves within the outer circle and the candles which were light upon the most Holy of days receive a flame for the second time within the year. The voices of both Her High Priest and Paladin raise in to the air above the Bastion, silver, white and blue particles dance in the circle around the pair.

After what seems an age the particles cover the cicles in a shell, the image of the circles becomes blocked by the raw magic weilded.

Within the casing the duo fade, appearing within the world of the living. Although their appearance is transparent as if they were nothing more than spirits that they are, the authority over the magic they wield meant they would be interacting... but only to keep their Mistress protected... then they would return to the Bastion...
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