The Bastion

For events within the currently ruined Bastion of Hope

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The Bastion

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:49 pm

As the days, weeks and months pass the Bastion is restored to its former glory – a safe haven for the long departed souls that now walk the lands of the dead.

The power of Hope’s emissary fills all with warmth and feeling of well being, a feeling that they are within his protection – his sanctuary. The bastion, covered in the divine power of Hope, is surrounded in a shroud of silver and white.

All seems well, at peace – the undead and demons do not encroach upon the Bastion. People begin to converge in the centre of the Bastion, to give thanks to the Emissary.

As they look upon him a 6 pointed star appears on one of his cheeks. One triangle in bronze, the other is a black as the night...

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Re: The Bastion

Postby Ben » Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:13 pm

**One of those who has travelled to the peace of the bastion is recognised by some but ignored by most as just another denizen of the wastes. He wasn't particularly interested in this place, but was making notes for "Drakes Guide to the Hope Wastes: The Expanded Version now with added Succubi", the symbol was interesting**

Hmmm...five circles for Hope...two triangles for...something else. Interesting.

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