A New Face at the Bastion

For events within the currently ruined Bastion of Hope

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A New Face at the Bastion

Postby Will » Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:17 pm

**A man, dressed in soldiers garb, makes his way into the Bastion. His armour is poorly kept, and his face unshaven. He looks quite agitated as he seeks someone to talk to. Pulling aside someone official looking, he speaks**

"Excuse me... I appear to be dead. And I think I may have important information..."


**The call soon goes out, just like old times... or should we say, alive times.**

"All dead Heroes who are bored and in search of something to pass the time, please travel to the meeting place just North of Pathway South of the Bastion on the second morning, such that it's judged here, from Friday."

<<Italics are crossed through, as though the person drawing it wasn't really concentrating when they wrote>>
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