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Re: Fort Drake, The Final Bastion

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:14 pm
by Breccan
*Teyaspa, as always smiles when Haze appears. Friendly, definately living company in this cold and alien place.*

"Haze, I'm glad you made it. My company moved fast, and I couldn't wait for stragglers as I didn't know what was going on here. As for what IS going on in this place?" *he shrugs* "A lot of nothing so far as I can see. Erathil isn't attacking yet. Uhtred is too busy to talk, and neither of the other Harans have come. I was on the verge of finding someone who knows what is going on."

*He gestures at Kira"

"so far as I can tell, this is Galatine, back from the dead calling himself Kira. You'll know better than me though."

Re: Fort Drake, The Final Bastion

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:08 am
by rachel
"It can't be Galatine," replies Haze firmly, her eyes never leaving Kira's. "We burnt his body in the proper way."

She hisses again and cautiously approaches the human, constantly sniffing the air. How does this thing know so much? And why is it talking about Kendra? Kendra is dead. Muscles prepared for an attack, she sniffs at Kira's hands and clothes, circling him warily.

Re: Fort Drake, The Final Bastion

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:33 pm
by Blue mage
Kira simply lets Haze explore, not really that bothered, now being quite used to it though it HAS been a long time since she last did this...He only hoped he smelled the same to her, albeit with less demon.

You burnt the body I used then, yes. Mind you, Im not too sad about that...kept my identy hidden, plus you destroyed a body that had been inhabited by Sanctus one time too many. This is me though, starting over, new name and all. No demon, just me. Galatine was my name, but he died fighting with you a year ago. I won my way out of the land of the dead, fighting alongside Kendra, I might add, and got back here, new body, new...everything, really.

He let a ghost of a smile reach his features at this point.

Oh yes, Kendra told me to tell you, Haze, that she was sorry she couldnt do more, and wished you luck, especially with any Midari. I owe her, I suppose...Im hoping she'll also be back, at some time this year. Alive as me, mind, not undead or anything, that would be very unpleasant...She and I had to fight our fair share of those as it was.

He smiled properly this time, remembering the Feline's helpful magic and bone sword, teaching her about the world and talking about Haze herself with Kendra. These emotions escaped into the air, just as they had done in the past, and Haze caught small bits of these...memory, happiness, hope< Kendra, these thoughts lingered around Kira now...

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Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:56 pm
by Breccan
*Teyaspa looks on with interest, curious as to what Haze will make of Kira, but carefully saying nothing.*

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Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:01 pm
by rachel
As she circles Kira, Haze becomes more and more bemused. This is Galatine's scent; she is certain of it. It is not difficult to hide a person's smell or perhaps even take it away altogether, as with the Yeeta ghosts, but she has never heard of any illusion or creature that can mimic another's scent. But how can anyone come back from the dead if their body no longer exists?

She abruptly rakes one of her claws across the back of Kira's hand, hard enough to break the skin yet not deep enough to need healing. Illusions don't bleed. Satisfied with the blood that wells up in his wound and slowly seeps down his fingers, she steps back to question him.

"How did you win your way out of the land of the dead? What do you know of Kendra?

Re: Fort Drake, The Final Bastion

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:44 pm
by Blue mage
Kira barely even winces at the claw across his hand, though when she is finished, he licks the blood, and slowly, the wound closes, healing at a pace that is clearly unnatural. ((Regen if that did damage...))

Its a long story. In the order you asked...Something called the "Night of the Nearly Living Dead" occurs in the Hopewastes, the lands of the dead, once a year...only for a time it has not happened. Apparently, this was because of a war between Kanslaar, Lord of the Hopewastes, and a demon of great power. On that night, we learnt we might aid Kanslaar, and gain some tokens...only three. With these, we could return to the world of life, alive once more. Several heroes quested into the Hopewastes, mostly to bring back Aquilla. He is there now, forever, by his own choice along with Kalist. The long and short of it is: we defeated the demon, and got to choose who could leave to become alive once more. Of the many that gathered there, the three that were chosen was myself, Kar, whom I believe you might know...and Warryn. We three returned to life, and now, I am here. In the process of leaving, I lost all connection to THAT sword and the, to disconnect myself from the man who had died, Galatine...the one who used that sword, I renamed myself "Kira"...rhymes with "Killer", which for me, is perfect...

Kira gives a grim smile at this and the dark hazy glow surrounds him once more...he puases for a moment then continues.
As for Kendra...she was there, too, with us. She and I talked a lot, especially of you, since we had that much in common. She fought well, you would have been proud of her. I think, in a way, even Sanctus liked her for her bravery. She and I talked about the world and her island, the Midari and so-on. I promised her Id go back to the exit of the Wastes on the Night in case she managed to escape this time...I would like to see her again, she was a good friend in that terrible place.

Kira's thoughts, hanging in the space around him, drift to kendra, the human and Feline fighting together, running from the demons in a dark cave, Kendra healing some injuries, Kira bandaging an unconscious Kendra after an attack...

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Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:54 am
by rachel
Haze turns to Teyaspa.

"He is Galatine. Even his scent is the same."

She retracts her claws and takes a pace back to give her ally space.

"The Medari are defeated," she says proudly, replying to Kira's earlier question. "My kin are free again, though most of them prefer to stay on our island rather than travel here where there are so many humans."

She pauses suddenly, face troubled, and looks at Teyaspa. "But the wolf spirits that live inside the Medari have appeared in your territory. They were chasing a strange feline not of my kin named Strength's Emissary, and he called them Strength Hounds. I chased them away; that is why I was late joining you. I hope they will not be back."

Re: Fort Drake, The Final Bastion

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:18 pm
by Breccan
*Teyaspa looks thoughtful*

"Could they have been part of the Demon Werewolf's army? Or was it just a hunt that strayed into the forest? Thank you for helping to protect my tribe's lands. If this happens again then I shall have to hunt Wolf again."

*He looks around*

"If nothing happens here soon then I'm going to lead most of my company back to Nandine. I'm not used to having my time wasted."

Re: Fort Drake, The Final Bastion

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:52 pm
by rachel
"The Demon Werewolf wasn't mentioned, but the feline did say they were sent by someone to chase him. He spoke in riddles though and was hard to understand."

Haze prepares to leave again; she would rather not spend more time in a building than she has too, but a prior remark from Teyaspa made her stop.

"You mentioned a creature named Erathil has not attacked yet. Who is that? I thought we were here to question the Emperor?"

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Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:03 pm
by RDB
Having sat silently in the shadows meditating of home and munching the last of the fruit she'd snaffled from the table, Celeste decided she'd better move. This place was strange. People were talking of all sorts of oddball things she'd never heard of which was proving both frustrating and intriguing. If only her might dragon of meta could come along and burn the place to the ground including Erathil and anyone who was unfriendly. Ah, hang on, that wouldn't work as people would die and that would be bad. Ok then if only the dragon could come and frighten them all into being nice to each other and then get on with the arduous task of releasing the dragons back to Eremine.

Really, is it so hard to get along? Everyone on Dracos Tielvar gets along most of the time and when they don't a quick grumble from a dragon and they see reason pretty quickly. All this bickering and talk of death is tiresome and not having an answer to any of it even moreso.

Standing up Celeste turns to see those around her. Time to be a bit more sociable and try to save some lives. There was no second option. Annoyingly.