Outside Fort Drake

The last bastion of the Free People

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Outside Fort Drake

Postby rachel » Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:32 pm

Haze arrives outside the imposing fort, exhausted and wary. She has seen no sign of the Strength Hounds or Wolfmen, but her recent meeting with them has frightened her enough that she has retrieved her startear dagger, which now hangs from her belt. Too weary to want to attempt explaining her business to the armoured humans that patrol this area, she settles in a nearby tree to sleep. She has followed the scent of Teyaspa's kin almost ceaselessly for the last few suns, and now it is time to rest.
Haze: A distrusting feline. With a mask.
Safina Kor: Human warrior from the Kor tribe (because everyone knows men can't fight... ;))
Singe: Child-like efreeti scout.

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