The well completed

A board for any in-character discussions that want to take place anywhere in Sanga, Capital city and merchant central of Sinya Palurin.

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The well completed

Postby Will » Sun Feb 08, 2009 11:45 pm

**The explosion of pink energy causes certain devestation... blow apart pieces of rubble fall and crush, people run screaming. A few people with signs of mutation begin to show already...**
Saga 2015 will be entirely celebrating and drinking with nothing bad happening and no bad guys showing up at all ever

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Re: The well completed

Postby Blue mage » Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:39 pm

A warrior walks by with a weapon on his back looking more like a table sized slab of iron than a sword walks through the chaos as though it never happened. As things fell about him he did not increase his pace walking calmly towards the gates of Sanga. He had to find someone and leave Sanga, but he was not worried. Even when the mutants leapt at him he dodged with strange speed for a large human carrying a massive sword. He did not counter attack until he was clsoe to the gates, when a pack of mutants, having caught a family, saw him and attacked the larger human. Without a second thought, a slab of iron found its place in the bodies of the larger mutants and a suprisingly quick movement finished the others. The warrior palced the sword back on his back and continued walking as though it had been an inconveniance. The family followed trying to thank the warrior wo said nothing. When they came too close, he threatened to draw. Eventually, the warrior left Sanga, in order to find someone who could help stop the madness of the Haran.

As it turns out, our battle plan is NOT "Synchronized Panicking"

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