Calling all writers

A board for any in-character discussions that want to take place anywhere in Sanga, Capital city and merchant central of Sinya Palurin.

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Calling all writers

Postby Gumboots » Sun Mar 05, 2006 10:38 pm

Notices appears throughout Sanga.

"Assistance required.

A newspaper is being written "Sanga Trenarn". Articles of happenings around Sanga and Sinya Palurin are needed. If you are a person who knows what is happening and likes to write then you are more than welcome to help. Contact the chief newspaper editor by post at "The Shattered Sword, Sanga, Sinya Palurin".

Any articles are welcome but short would be better.


Camina Andaross

Cheif Editor"

OOC PM me please.

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