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Postby Sproglet » Tue Jun 27, 2006 1:57 am

**A messenger arrives at Uthreds room above the Wrinkled Wench Inn, as Uthred answers the door the messenger passes him a piece off parchment and hurrys off**

**Uthred reading the message begins to scowl.... a look of anger crosses his face**

**Muttering to himself as he dones his armour and gathers his weapons and shield**

'That lump of an Orc demands MY men report to him.......... there is going to be HELL to pay for this..... and I know who I intend to make pay it!'

**As Uthred hurries out of the tavern to hunt the Major he gives a message to the barkeep for Drake**

"You have my mace" "And my hammer" "And my magic"...
"And my pillaging shovel, and my bear arms, and my fork of truth"......
"But not my kidney hat, it's made of real kidneys"

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