Somewhere on the streets

A board for any in-character discussions that want to take place anywhere in Sanga, Capital city and merchant central of Sinya Palurin.

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Somewhere on the streets

Postby dainul » Tue Jun 27, 2006 2:17 pm

A well-fed man sits on a small stool infront of some sort of makeshift shrine. It consists of a number of trinkets and figures set up on two lightweight collapsable tables. So far only two of the trinkets have been stolen, none of them having any real value. The man's manner and clothing set him appart almost as much as his shrine, but occasionally someone stops at the shrine, curious or desparate enough to hear what the man has to say for his Gods. As the day wears on, he conveys a few blessings, asks the kami to watch over a young couple, accepts offering which he dutifully places before the correct figurine and so forth.
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